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Do you have Brown Recluse spiders in your home? 

Order our Glue Traps to find out.

Here are 10 reasons why we recommend Catchmaster Glue Traps for controlling Brown Recluse spider populations in your home:


While Brown Recluse spider infestations are thought by many to be impossible to eliminate, research at the University of Kansas has shown that "effective population management is possible" with Catchmaster glue traps (See quote below).

2. You see the evidence of a glue trap's effectiveness because the spider is caught in the trap.
3. Traps offer an opportunity to positively identify a Brown Recluse spider because it is caught on the trap. Your safety is also enhanced because you learn to recognize the spider when you see it.
4. Glue traps get rid of spiders in places where it may not be safe to spray pesticides such as inside food cabinets.
5. Pesticide applications can actually be detrimental because studies show that Brown Recluse spiders will prefer dead insects over living ones. 
6. No chemical residues in your home. 
7. Inexpensive to use. 15 traps are only $9.95. No need to call an exterminator.
8. Easy to use. Fold the traps, put them where you want them and you're done. 
9. Unwanted insects such as cockroaches and crickets will also get caught in the trap. 
10. It will be easy to identify which areas of your home have the worst Brown Recluse infestations.


Watch the below video to see these powerful traps in action. 
One leg is all it takes...
(Video Length: 1 minute 41 seconds)

Best places to set your traps

Research was done at the University of Kansas in the summer of 2002 to determine ideal trap placements for a typical residential home. The following is a list of their recommendations. Use the Glue Trap calculator located below to determine how many traps are recommended for your home.

If these guidelines are followed for setting your glue traps and you find no Brown Recluse spiders on any of the traps, then you can relax because it is extremely unlikely there are any Brown Recluse spiders in your home. 

The #1 location to trap Brown Recluse spiders is near the furnace and water heater. Brown Recluse spiders are not usually found in attics, crawl spaces, inside drawers of desks/cabinets or on closet shelves. 


  •  One trap in each of the four corners is usually very effective. If you have an attached garage, one trap on each side of the entrance to your home. If your garage has a storage room, one trap on each corner and one near doorway


  • Behind the toilet 

  • Behind or along the side of the sink area. 

  • Behind or underneath the bathtub if possible. If not, a placement nearest the bathtub with help avoid spiders from entering the bathtub.


  • Underneath the bed. This is one of the most important locations in your home because many spider bites occur while sleeping.

  • Along the outside wall near a window is the best location, but if this is not possible place them in a corner along an outside wall.

  • In closets, preferably along an outside wall.

  • Unused bedrooms are also important because spiders prefer undisturbed locations.


  • Underneath cabinets. Upper cabinet placement is generally ineffective

  • In corners along the cabinet area (on the floor).

  • On the floor of a pantry closet

Family/Living room

  • On window sills

  • Near live plants, which draw insects

  • Along the outside wall near a window is the best location, but if this is not possible place them in a corner along an outside wall.

  • Behind entertainment centers or bookshelves.


  • In piles of wood

  • In boxes, especially clothing boxes

  • Infrequently used areas, carpeted rooms

How many Glue Traps will you need for your home?  

While some companies sell a small number of larger sized traps, we have learned that it is more effective and economical to set a large number of small traps. A large trap isn't necessarily more likely to catch a spider than a small one since it's the edge of a trap that catches a spider anyway. 

The simple conclusion is: the more traps you set, the more spiders will be caught.

The below calculator is based on recommendations by Kansas University researchers:

Glue Trap Calculator
(requires Internet Explorer)


Yes Does your home have a Garage?
Yes Is the garage attached?
Number of Bedrooms
Number of closets in home, including bedroom closets, pantries, bathroom closets, hall closets, etc
Number of Bathrooms
Number of Family/Living rooms
If you have a Basement, estimate the number of traps you would need
Miscellaneous traps based on the above recommendations



<--- Amount of glue traps recommended for your home 

Source: University of Kansas


Studies show that glue traps are not as effective against female Brown Recluse spiders. This is because they do not move around frequently and tend to hide inside walls where it's impossible to reach them. For this reason, many customers choose to also have a Brown Recluse First Aid Kit on hand. We call it the two-pronged defense: Prevention + Readily Available Treatment.  

Why Catchmaster brand?

Catchmaster is the trap used and recommended by researchers at the University of Kansas. The head researcher said, "Over and over again the Catchmaster traps come through. Even when traps are crowded and full, the Catchmaster brand catches recluse by as little as one leg."

Unlike other traps, Catchmaster's glue is "sticky" rather than "gooey". Other brands often use a raised trap which actually is a barrier to spider entrance. Catchmaster's trap lies flat on the ground, or sticks to the side of walls with a special adhesive, and is folded up into a box shape. 

"I bought 30 recluse traps last spring & placed them throughout my house; by the time summer was over, each had trapped a minimum of 3 brown recluse spiders (along  with other varmints), and some even more (Up to EIGHT in some traps!)! Thanks!"  Sherri Lilburn - Stillwater, Oklahoma

Email received on 6/15/06:

"Fortunately we haven't had to use the recluse first aid kit we purchased from your website - but man, the traps are getting lots of action. Recluses check in, but they don't check out! I've caught about 10 of the little devils in the past few months. Because the traps are easily moved from place to place - it's great to know that an empty one can be moved to a new location where other traps demonstrate a heavier infestation. Four dead ones in the utility room - none in the gameroom - time to blanket the utility area with more traps! Placing the traps near the water heater was also spot-on information from your website - found three dead ones there. Thanks to your traps I think we are finally getting a handle on our recluse problem and we're doing so without the toxic chemicals we'd prefer not to have in our home." John O. - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"LOVE your product. I have tried other traps & they just don't even come close to working like yours." Renee - Lebanon, Missouri

I highly recommend the brown recluse kit and the traps. After being bitten on the face, you can barely see the scar. The traps are great to monitor any infestation. I found about 15 spiders in the traps over the first month, since then I have re-purchased the traps and have them throughout my home. I am so paranoid of spiders after being bitten and these traps give me peace of mind. Thank you so much for the kit, traps and the information on your website. M.M. - Catoosa, Oklahoma



  Used by hundreds of Pest Control companies to trap Brown Recluses
  Attractant to lure insects into the trap (A spider's favorite food).
5 sheets of 3 traps, 15 total
  Data sheet on trap for tracking
Covered habitat design
Child and Pet Safe
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