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"This product healed my brown recluse bite much faster than all of the antibiotics that I was given by the hospital. I find it just foolish that the hospital has no medicine which draws out the venom. This specific aspect of the product is what saved my ankle. Use of this product, plus the antibiotics from the e.r. and plenty of rest is the best way to fight such a nasty bite. A couple of my friends were also bitten that week, and came running to me since I had purchased the kit. Brown Recluse spiders are so common around here that I now always have the kit in my car. As soon as it runs out, I'm buying a new one." Crystal K. - Savannah, Georgia

"I was actually bit while at work at our warehouse. I was wearing sandals and felt something on my foot. A Brown Recluse had gotten caught under the strap of my sandal and had bit me before he died. I went home and ordered the kit that night. By the next day my foot had swollen to twice it's normal size and the wound was starting to ooze puss. I recieved the kit that day at noon and started using it. It took a week for the swelling to go down. It actually took four weeks for the wound to heal. I went to my doctor about two months after the bite and he said that due to the quick thinking of ordering the kit I probally saved myself from permenant damage to my foot. It's been six months now and the only thing left of the bite is discoloration to my skin where the bite happened" Scott Davis - Dallas, Texas

"I was going to a Dr. who did not seem to be doing any good as the wound was continuing to get worse and researched brown recluses on the internet and discovered the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit which I bought and it served the purpose quite well. I began using the application and the wound began to heal. I now have no traces of any kind to show where I had been bitten and keep the kit handy should I again get bitten by a spider. It most definitely did a world of good for me that I can not say my Dr. did." A.S. - Lake Wales, Florida

"I received the kit about 5-8 days after being bitten. My doctor recommended the kit and placed me on antibiotics. When I received the kit I applied the "medium" as instructed and to my amazement the next morning, the wound already showed signs of drying/healing. I used it two more days until a scab formed over the hole. The bite healed without further problem except a small scar. I have recommended the kit to several people if for no other reason than to have it in the house." Kate R. - Ten Mile, Tennessee

"I was bitten on Jan 1, 2006. I did not know what was going on until I went to an emergency room and the doctor confirm that I was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. I was treated with heavy dose of Antibiotics but it was not getting any better at all. My skin was dying, the pain was intolerable and the wound got bigger and bigger by the minute. I heard about your spider kit through a friend whose daughter experience the same bite. I purchased it because the antibiotics and painkillers where not doing anything at all and after a few days of using this product, the wound started to change colors, it appeared to be healing from the inside out. After a week of using this kit, the swelling started to go down and I stopped using painkillers since the pain was not to bad. It took me about three to four weeks to fully recover, but this product does work. I keep an extra kit at home as backup because it was the only thing that healed me completely." Gemma Perez - Miami, Florida

"I will swear by this Product 100%+ I'm part Native American an aware of Natural Remedies over medications. Your Product worked so well, not only draw out the pain but the poison and repair the skin. I do have some scar tissue. BUT it is NOT from the product. It is from the Bite and Poison damage that The SPIDER made. It is a very scary thing to go through. But I was at ease after Speaking to a Company rep. And reading the information on their web site. Which is direct and to the point. The hope that you are given to heal. Is very, very promising and truthful. Be wise and spend a few extra dollars to get your product ASAP like I did. It was Worth every penny. I hope I never get bit again. But if I do. I'm ready with my Product in my Med. Kit. God Bless your company." Debbie D. - Boynton Beach, Florida

"I got bitten on the face late at night while I was cleaning the laundry room the bite felt like something sharp but it was dark in the area I was cleaning so I didn't see the spider. I was so tried that I just shower and went to sleep in the morning 5 hours later when I woke up I could not stand the pain on my face it was on my left cheek the area was swollen red and tender I still got up and went to work. I am A nurse and do home health visits. I am also A skin care esthetician So the big red bump was not good for business. By the second day I a was in so much pain I had to leave work and went to see my doctor he prescribed pain killers and antibiotic. On the 3rd day I had dizzy spells, high fever, vomiting and earaches from the pressure of the swelling . This is when I went on line to look for information on spider bites and odrer the Brown Recluse first aid kit. My face was deform and I had this big open wound with drainage that was so painful not even the pain medication would get rid of the pain. I use the supplies from the kit as instructed and kept changing the dressings and irrigating the wound, after the healing which took about 3 weeks . I had to get microdermabrasion and super sonic skin care treatments to remove the scar and the purple skin color the bite had left. Thank you for your wonderful product and all the information list on you site. I think that if I had not started on your product right away, the doctor would of had to cut part of the skin and muscle on my face." D. R.. - Mercedes, Texas

"I woke up one morning on top of my covers on my bed on a VERY hot July day. I was immediately alarmed by the throbbing feeling on my right butt cheek (I wore shorts to bed). I felt a HUGE pimple-like papillae...I could not lie on my back or sit down. Finally, after a few days of absolute horrible pain, this golf-ball-sized erosion was causing so much misery for me...I could not walk correctly, I could not sit comfortably and I consistently had intense pain that would not die down. I went to the doctor & she told me "Wow, looks like you got a ruthless bite! However, there are NO brown recluses in California" just like EVERY other person had said to me. Geeez, that really REALLY ****** me off. 

I had done an immense amount of research and every symptom I had was that of a brown recluse spider wound & my bite looked like every disgusting picture I had seen during my research. My doctor prescribed me with amoxycillin which cleared up my infection but left me with an ugly black bullet-wound looking thing on my lower gluteus. Thank god my mother ordered me the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit as with just medication alone, my painful lesion would not have healed as well as it (although I still have a vicious scar). If I can conclude anything with my experience it is that there ARE Brown Recluse Spiders in California. Shortly after I was bit, my father, brother & my cousin were bitten! They all live in Santa Rosa, as well ,& they all experienced the same atrocious symptoms that I had which were that of a Brown Recluse Spider." Katie Sullivan - Santa Rosa, California

"Being bit the second time in less than one year, I was desperate for a better treatment than I had received from my doctor for my first bite. The first bite was on my leg and was from a very small brown recluse. It left dime sized scar that is indented on my leg and discolored to the rest of my skin. (I am a very light white Caucasian and won't be darker as I have skin cancer and must avoid the sun.) It took me months to get that bite healed and although I was luck that I didn't get the huge scars that others have gotten, it was a concern with the second bite.

My second bite was actually, three chunks taken out of the underside of my wrist - actually three bites. I dropped my pillow on the floor, picked it up with the spider on it and stuck my arm between the pillow and bed - right on the spider. The spider got me three times before I apparently smashed it as we found it dead the next morning when I discovered the wound.

I got on the internet and found your kit. I used it faithfully until the area was healed. I now have a scar but it is a small, less noticeable scar only the size of the bites. Thank you very much for this. It was a much easier healing experience with the kit. Not as painful, took a shorter amount of time and it looks better than the first scar."
Lori T. - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Hi. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and very scared, since I had seen those horrifying pictures on the internet of what could happen. I got a package immediately from the company and a woman talked to us on the phone and was very helpful and reassuring.
I used the product, and my bite never got like those terrible cases on the internet! There was never any" tissue eating" thank God! Your first aid kit really worked and I am very grateful! It was definitely worth the money paid!!!"
D. S. North Hollywood, CA

"Thank goodness for this product! Our 4 year old daughter was bitten on the thigh last summer, we believe, while playing outside in our backyard. At first we thought it was just a large mosquito bite. But then it swelled and starting showing signs of a brown recluse spider bite. We took her to the doctor who told us that nothing could be done- and gave us antibiotics. It got worse- and starting eating away at our little girl's leg. It got to the size of a quarter within three days (on a tiny little girl that's a big bite). 

A relative shared with us her story, that she was bitten on her chest and used your kit and stopped the bite from spreading. So we ordered the kit, it was delivered quickly, and used the products. Immediately the spreading stopped. It took about two total weeks for the bite to heal. Each day, for about a week, a layer of skin would heal up (it was pretty deep). After two weeks it was completely gone, with just a small scar the size of a dime. It's been about 6 months now and has been looking great until the other day. It started to return (I've read this can happen). We will be using the kit again, thank goodness we have it on hand! Thank you for saving out little girl's leg!Stephanie G. - Cornelius, NC

"Our smallest dog, a 10-lb. elderly poodle, was bitten by a spider while nosing around the floor of the food pantry in search of spilled kibble. The wound was on his lower chest, hidden from my casual view but where he could lick it, and was an obvious infection by the time I discovered it. Our vet could not confirm that he had been bitten by a brown recluse, but started him on antibiotics and I thoroughly cleaned the floor of the deep pantry -- where I found spiders that resembled recluses due to their spindly legs -- but I couldn't apply insecticide in a food pantry. I ordered your first aid kit and my first batch of spider traps and put both to good use. 

Fudge's wound was at an awkward place for applying any sort of poultice, but after a little experimenting, I became more adept. The process was made easier due to the fact that little Fudge obviously LIKED having the ointment, bandage and tape applied and did nothing to attempt removing any of it: it soothed his pain! I could see, also, that it helped drain the wound, which was healing fast -- most likely, faster than the antibiotic alone would have done. 

Since then, I've learned much more about how to identify a brown recluse, and while I can't be 100% certain that Fudge's bite was from a recluse or was another bite which had become infected, I am positive that prompt application of the poultice from the first aid kit was both comforting and a useful adjunct to medical treatment.

I recently ordered a fresh supply of your spider traps and they have helped tremendously. Here's why:

(1) It's difficult to differentiate between some species of spiders unless you're a scientist who specializes in spiders and examines specimens under strong magnification.(The number and placement of the eyes is a critical consideration in the case of the recluse.) There are, however, certain characteristics that any of us can detect if we look very closely at an unmangled specimen. But when you see a spider crawling across your kitchen floor in the middle of the night, you're unlikely to have a jar handy to catch it alive, and much more likely to squash it beyond any accurate identification. The sticky spider traps allow me to get a safe, easy, close up look at representatives of the species that share my environment.

(2)The traps really DO attract spiders, as well as an occasional gnat or beetle. Spiders enter the traps to feed upon those dead insects as well as upon previously trapped spiders. Recently, two traps placed in corners of exterior walls near the back door yielded 11 spiders each, during two weeks of wet, warm weather. I'm happy to report that they were all wolf spiders, as are the majority of spiders I trap inside our home.

(3)Since the traps provide a non-poisonous means of monitoring the species and numbers of crawling insects, as well as revealing which areas are popular with spiders, they both inform AND control. This gives me peace of mind!

I gladly, gratefully, and sincerely recommend the products and services of your company!"
Joy B. - Olive Branch, Mississippi

"My 19 Yr. old son was bitten when doing a painting job with his Dad. We took him to the emergency room and they wouldn't even confirm it was a spider bite. They gave him antibiotics and sent him home. The next day it was huge and spreading fast. We then went to our family doctor and she did confirm it was a Brown Recluse bite. She gave him more antibiotics and said it looked so bad that he might have to have skin grafts to repair the damage she thought it would create, the antibiotics didn't really help much either. I was frantic and searched the internet for answers. I ran across the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit and ordered it immediately. We received it the next day and began to use it at once. Within 3 days it was almost gone. The swelling went down and the relief was so quick to him too. He was attending Fire Academy at the time and the paramedics couldn't believe how bad it was and how quickly he was healed. You can hardly tell where he was bitten. This is a miracle application! Thanks a million for your product." Vicki S. Rowlett Texas

"I'm a committee member which operates a health care center. When I got home from vacation in August, the woman who manages the clinic had a Brown Recluse bite and was unable to work. I had a Double Brown Recluse First Aid Kit on hand because it helped heal my sister's 6 month old bite wound. I went to her home and told her about the kit. She had a very swollen foot which turned black and numb almost to her knee. She started to apply it that night. It started drawing right away. She couldn't believe how it was drawing. Within 3 days it was starting to turn pink and she was able to get back to work. Within 4 weeks it was totally healed up to the point of where you couldn't even see it. I also gave this product to 2 others who had come to the health care clinic with Brown Recluse bites and they were also healed. I've never heard of so many spider bites in one year. We are ordering another kit for a young boy who was bitten by the spider and we are ordering 4 more kits to keep on hand. I've also ordered the VIBE through you (which keeps me going all day!) and your service has been fantastic!" DJB - Council, Idaho

"I have a 35 pound Basset Hound who was bitten by a Brown Recluse right over her hindquarter. She is like a family member to me and it devastated me when I thought she was going to die from a Brown Recluse bite. I didn't know what the bite was at first. I took her to the vet and the vet told me it was a Brown Recluse bite but there was nothing that I could do. As I waited the hole started to form and I started panicking. So I took her to a veterinary specialist. They did not know what to do either. There is awareness about Brown Recluses but nobody really knows what to do about it. They held her overnight and gave her antibiotics. I told them about your product and they said they would look at it and let me know. They decided that they wanted to operate and remove that entire portion off and apply heat. I told them "No, I'm sending my husband to go get my dog". I decided to try the product. As soon as we got the kit in the mail, we immediately put it on there. Within the first 24 hours I could see the healing already. Within 2 weeks she was healed. To make a long story short, she doesn't even have a scar! It's amazing because there isn't even an indentation where the bite was. I bought a kit for every relative I have because if someone I know gets bit by it, I want them to be prepared. I really believe that your product saved my dog's life." Karen Browning - Palmetto, Florida

"I am an RN and have treated many brown recluse bites, some for many months. A friend was bitten a few months ago and the doctor told him he couldn't treat him until the skin opened. The day he was bit it was a 3cm blister (on his right arm just above the elbow). The next day it was a hard red hot spot the size of a small orange and very painful. I searched the web for an alternative treatment, I ordered your kit and began treatment the day it arrived, by that time it had started to open at the center. After the bites I had seen in the past I was amazed at the improvement I saw, Due to the size of the area I did use 2 kits but the wound healed without infection and the skin did not "rot" nor did it need debridement as I have seen in the past. That is why I am ordering 3 new kits to keep on hand, one for my friend who was bitten, one for myself and one for my daughter. I saw it with my own eye but it is still hard to believe." Thomy Tillman - Imboden, Arkansas

"I woke up Saturday morning with a bite on my cheek. I thought I would go to the doctor on Monday but on Sunday night I went into the emergency room. I was given a cortizone shot, anti-biotics and pregnazone for 5 days. At the end of the time the bite was not getting much better so I went to a second doctor and was put on a second round of pregnazone and a very, very strong antibiotic. At the end of that treatment, it didn't look like I was making any progress. I felt like my body was wiped out by the antibiotics. So my friend and I got on the computer and found your website. After receiving your wonderful product, the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit, VIBE, and the Living Health Probiotics, I started seeing results immediately. After using your products for three weeks I was completely healed up with no scar. I thought I was going to need dermabrasion and collagen injections. I am so pleased with the product. It is a lifesaver. I would urge everyone to get a kit, not just for spider bites, but for all the venomous bites out there and the price is right. The VIBE and the kit were wonderful to use together. I can't say enough about your products." Barb L. - Smithville, Missouri

Email received from Dr. Kathi Maher on 6/14/05:

Subject: "Great Success with your Brown Recluse First Aid Kit!!!"

"About the middle of April, 2005, I noticed two little "zits" on my chest.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I became certain that I had been bitten by a brown recluse spider.  The tissue began to necrose and by the first of May, I was really concerned since nothing I was doing seemed to be doing much good and in fact the burning and throbbing was beginning to include my right shoulder, neck and down into my abdominal area..  After finding your website, I ordered your First Aid kit by over-nite mail.  As soon as it arrived, I followed the directions.  The next morning when I uncovered the lesions, I WAS AMAZED!!!!  ALL of the redness was concentrated into a small line about an inch and a half long.  I wish I had taken pictures!!  I applied the herbal tincture one more time the next day.  I have done nothing since and at this point I have a small scar, but all is healed and well.  I believe that everyone needs to include this in their home first aid kit!!!"  Dr. Kathi Maher, DC, FIAMA,  Health By Hands Wellness Center - Arlington, Texas

"I don't know where I got bit but I was bit in the lower back on the weekend before fourth of July. It was a small thing but it grew quickly and the pain became unbearable. Nothing would take the pain away; Not Tylenol, not Advil, nothing. I was literally crying from the pain. It got to be about the size of a half dollar. So I went to the doctor and she opened it up with a knife and then she drained it and covered it. She prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection but that did not remove the venom. The next day I saw your product on the computer and had it sent overnight. When I placed your product on my wound I felt an immediate change. I continued using it and the wound started improving each day. I used it for about 2-3 weeks until it was completely dried up. I am so thankful for your product!" Bertha Cavena, Houston, Texas.

"I owe you all a success story. My son had been bitten at least a week before we discovered your website. My son had 4 bites and thanks to your products he has recovered. It healed within 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks. The doctors were skeptical at first but they were really impressed. I have told friends about your kit and they are going to have it on hand. A friend had a Brown Recluse bite and she had to have skin grafts where they take large amounts of skin and it takes longer to heal and leaves scars, like burn wounds. And we didn't have to do any of that. I assume VIBE helped too. If it hadn't been for your products, my son was headed for a nervous breakdown with these bites. He kept after it and was diligent to reapply it ever few hours. His bites are entirely healed. We are amazed and are extremely happy. It works and you have a wonderful product." Andrea S - Garland, Texas

"My husband was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. It scared me because it was oozing quite a bit. I took him to the doctor who asked us some questions and didn't think it was a Brown Recluse bite. But I had read up on it and it was a textbook bite. I knew he didn't know what he was talking about. We ordered the kit to be delivered overnight and I put the mixture on real thick that night. It basically healed up that night. It worked great and this stuff is excellent. It really helped a lot and we are very happy with the progress. We went back to the doctor for a check up and the doctor had done some research and apologized. We gave him your website address and a Brown Recluse First Aid Kit to keep at his office. Our chiropractor is ordering one also. We like VIBE a lot and told our chiropractor about it also. I'm going to keep on taking it because I need the energy. It gives me so much energy. I gave my mom some VIBE and we're getting ready to make a big order." Stephanie, Texas

"My daughter was bit by a Brown Recluse and within a matter of days the bite site grew to the size of a half dollar coin. The doctor did not think it was a spider bite and just wanted to wait. One week went by and it was amazing how big the wound got. I searched on the internet and ordered your product to be delivered overnight. Within two days the wound was going down and disappearing. It was unbelievable. The doctor didn't believe me. He was shocked that what we were using was working so well. 

I have a friend who was bit by a Brown Recluse spider and it affected her whole forearm. She needed six months of skin grafts to rebuild the tissue and she still has a big scar. Her arm was close to being amputated. I'm keeping another kit on hand to have enough to start treatment if we experience another bite. My daughter used VIBE. She had felt very run down and all she wanted to do was to sleep. VIBE gave her a big boost in energy. The whole package, with the kit and VIBE, on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10."
Nancy T.

"When my son was bit, he was so weak.  He had a fever and lots of sweating.  I think the Brown Recluse venom was affecting his kidneys because of some symptoms he was experiencing.  Also, his lymph node was engorged and very painful.  When he started taking VIBE we literally saw change overnight.  It was so exciting to see the difference.  He has so much more energy.  I am really impressed with VIBE.  It is so great to have the kit and VIBE and to be able to handle a Brown Recluse bite at home rather than having to go to the doctor." Robin F. - Arkansas

"I woke up Saturday morning with a bite on my cheek. I thought I would go to the doctor on Monday but on Sunday night I went into the emergency room. I was given a cortizone shot, anti-biotics and pregnazone for 5 days. At the end of the time the bite was not getting much better so I went to a second doctor and was put on a second round of pregnazone and a very, very strong antibiotic. At the end of that treatment, it didn't look like I was making any progress. I felt like my body was wiped out by the antibiotics. So my friend and I got on the computer and found your website. After receiving your wonderful product, the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit, VIBE, and the Living Health Probiotics, I started seeing results immediately. After using your products for three weeks I was completely healed up with no scar. I thought I was going to need dermabrasion and collagen injections. I am so pleased with the product. It is a lifesaver. I would urge everyone to get a kit, not just for spider bites, but for all the venomous bites out there and the price is right. The VIBE and the kit were wonderful to use together. I can't say enough about your products." Barb L. - Smithville, Missouri

My son was bit behind his knee.  He had it lanced and packed, lanced and packed, lance and packed.  He had taken so many antibiotics that I told him that he will deplete his immune system.  I said to him that this isn't going anywhere.  We just needed to try something natural.  I ordered the kit and VIBE and were extra pleased with both.  He's all better.  Also, I tried the kit on my daughter who had been stung by a wasp.  I mixed a little up and she just couldn't believe how it took the pain away immediately.  I read the ingredients and it all makes sense. Nancy M. Garland, Texas

When I was bitten, I developed a sore with a white center and a lot of pain. My wife ordered this kit right away. It came in less then a week. I started getting results almost immediately. After about 5 applications the sore was almost healed. I am going to keep this kit on hand from now on. Eugene Jones - San Diego, California.  

I was bit by a brown recluse on my lower right side of my back and within 12 hours the bite was 2inchs by 4inches big solid red and hurt like nothing I had ever experienced. The doctor had given me antiboics that I was allergic to so I was unable to use any kind of medicine. The doctor told me good luck there was nothing he could do. I remembered an old email my Uncle had sent about this product and ordered it. Until the product came I used a potato cut in half which stopped the burning and helped draw out the poisen. I put the product on and after 3 days of using it I never lost skin tissue and it healed with no scars. This product had no side effects. I have refered the product to everyone I know. It works on any kind of bite so far. T.B. - St. Augustine, Florida

"I had a bite wound about the size of a quarter. It was only about 48 hours since the first application of your product and I could already see a huge difference! The purple ring that surrounded the open wound was completely gone, and the hard spot that was under the open wound was almost gone also. I was so excited I called the local TV stations and two of them did a story on it (KMIR channel 6 and KESQ channel 3). I believe everyone should have this kit on hand. I wish I already had it with me when I got bit. Thank you so much for your help."   Chantelle Johnson Thousand Palm, California.  

I highly recommend the brown recluse kit and the traps. After being bitten on the face, you can barely see the scar. The traps are great to monitor any infestation. I found about 15 spiders in the traps over the first month, since then I have re-purchased the traps and have them throughout my home. I am so paranoid of spiders after being bitten and these traps give me peace of mind. Thank you so much for the kit, traps and the information on your website. M.M. - Catoosa, Oklahoma

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