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"My 23 pound dog was bitten by a brown recluse spider on May 18, 2006. After treating the symptoms for over a month and thinking that we may have to have him put down, I saw your kit online and gave it a shot. We had spent over $1000 on conventional medicine and vet visits and were about to spend more on surgery to close the bite site. I figured I owed my sweet dog another $25 before subjecting him to surgery, so we gave your kit a try July 5-10. After using it twice a day for only a few days on a bite site that was almost 2 months old, we saw amazing progress and success! The wound dried up almost immediately and real skin began forming around the outside of the bite center! Now (July 24) it is almost completely healed and my dog's skin looks so much better! He still has joint pain, but we are toughing it out. It's nice to have part of the bite taken care of and we are incredibly grateful for your product! I have never in my life purchased any type of "alternative" medicine, but this kit blew away the results that we achieved through conventional medication and antibiotics alone. THANK YOU so very much for the brown recluse first aid kit and for your site!" Jennifer Nix - Woodstock, Georgia

"Around (6/15/2006) I first noticed my ankle getting irritated after I had done some yard work around our pool area. I didn't think anything of it until the next day when it swelled up almost a full inch fatter than my right foot. I was clueless! I didn't even feel anything bite me. It started turning colors and the skin was so stretched around my ankle and foot it was uncomfortable I knew I needed to go see the doctor! I went and it was determined to be the bite of the brown recluse! It had to be. I was given a shot of penicillin in one cheek...and a shot of anti-inflammatory/painkiller in the other cheek (OUCH). A couple of hours later I was on top of the world!!! I felt incredible!! That didn't last long. Just last week (7/10/2006) I notice something blistering up on the middle part of my calf (same leg obviously). I didn't remember burning myself ,I thought i was crazy! Well the bubble got huge and festered for a week and i finally had to lance it! Yucko!!! The stench was putrid...I almost lost my lunch!!! It was fully necrotic! (7/27/2006) I decided it was time to take some action so I ordered your miracle stuff and I got it yesterday! Thanks for the fast shipment! I started using it immediately and all I have to say is WOW!! This stuff is incredible! I can tell it is sucking the venom right out if my leg. I can honestly say that your company has saved my leg!! I didn't realize how bad it was. THIS STUFF IS A MIRACLE !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I ordered an extra kit in case anything like this happens to me or any loved ones ...I am prepared!" Marcie Keubler - Cave Creek, Arizona

"My daughter woke up one morning and told me that her arm hurt. I was half asleep and thought that she had probably slept on it funny, so I told her to take a hot shower. While in the shower, she became very nauseated. She came back and told me and showed me where she was hurting. She had a little purplish area, maybe 2 mm in diameter - it looked like a bruise - on the left side of her back that was surrounded by a large red area - about twelve inches by six to eight inches. She started having chest pain and abdominal pain. By this time, I knew it was a brown recluse bite. I could see two elongated puncture marks next to the purple area. We have lived in this house for a year and have had confirmed by Terminix that the spiders we are seeing are brown recluses. I knew that they were because of the violin shape on their back.

I immediately called the poison control center and they said to take her to a doctor or emergency room. I was able to get an appointment immediately with the doctor, which is an hour away from our home. During the ride, my daughter vomited and started feeling a little better. Then, before we got in to see the doctor, the chest pain subsided. When the doctor looked at the wound, he said that he couldn't confirm that the bite was related to her other symptoms. He just said to watch her and that there was nothing he could do.

I took her home and at some point thought to put ice on the bite. When I did that, it made the redness shrink down to about eight by four inches.

I then went to her room and tore her bed apart to see if I could find a brown recluse (she had woken up with one on her pillow a few months earlier). When I threw the mattress off the bed, the tiny creature appeared. I think it had been hiding under the bottom sheet.

In the course of the day, my daughter experienced severe abdominal pain, terrible nausea, weakness, headache (possibly from not eating), pain at the site, and then her arms and legs turned very bright red. All of these were described as symptoms of a systemic reaction to a brown recluse bite. I took her to an emergency room that night and the doctor told me that what she was experiencing wasn't caused by a brown recluse. I became very upset. I knew that she had been bitten by that spider and I was afraid that she might die. I think that the hot shower had spread the venom throughout her body - she had let the water hit on the painful spot for about 1/2 hour.

Anyway, after running lab tests, he said that he didn't know what was wrong with her. But he ordered a steroid and said to take her to her doctor on Monday.

I kept putting ice on the site for twenty minutes every two hours. The purplish area started getting slightly bigger, but the redness kept shrinking with the ice applications. I knew to apply the ice because I am a nurse. Leaving the ice on too long can reverse the affect.

On Saturday or Sunday, the redness on my daughters legs turned to purple. I had read enough about the brown recluse bite to be afraid of what was happening. The doctor had said that IF it was a brown recluse bite, then he could do NOTHING, so I didn't take her back to the doctor. All I could do was pray and ask others to pray.

Finally, on Saturday night, I found your web site. I ordered the kit and got it on Tuesday morning. I started it immediately. After the second application (applying it one hour apart), it looked like the redness was gone. Since the paste makes the skin black and it's difficult to wash it all off, I couldn't assess the wound very well, but it really did look like the redness was going away. And the paste was actually soothing to her - she said it eased the pain a little.

By the next morning, after my daughter bathed, I could see the wound clearly. The redness had shrunk down so that it was just around the bite site - maybe an inch in diameter, if that big. It had been a two by five area that was red before I applied the paste. I did take one photo before I applied the paste for the first time.

The bite site was still hot to touch, and the tape (applied around the plastic) was irritating my daughter's skin, so I kept applying the ice packs between appling the paste.

To make this very long story a tiny bit shorter, I'll summarize. I kept applying the paste off and on, and the ice off and on, and now I can hardly see where she was bitten. The blister-like area never even broke open; it just shriveled up and finally disappeared. She still does have some tenderness at the site when I press on it firmly, but even the hard area that was under her skin has gone away. What a scary experience this has been. But I am going to keep this kit on hand. It makes me feel like I have some defense while we still have to live in this recluse-infested house. I am also recommending the kit to others...It's a crime that doctor's don't tell patients about it. People are suffering, losing fingers, hands, feet, all needlessly."
Lori Brock - Buffalo,

"I went to the hospital Saturday after being bit on Wednesday knowing full well what had bit me. The Dr. told me he could do nothing for me unless it gets infected to come back, and that he had no idea what had bit me. I left quite upset and then ended up realizing he didn't even offer me benydril. Needless to say I was quite upset. I went to my girlfriends house in Hookena Hawaii and she stuck this brown recluse charcoal mixture on me and it has been getting better every day. Thank you for having this available." Joreen K. - Big Island Kona, Hawaii

"I ordered your kit after being bitten for a third time. The severity of the first two was not severe, probably because of early intervention, good general health, and heavy vitamin, etc. supplementation. Third time ,however,it only got worse with regular treatment. Your poultices turned things around quickly and left me with only a small dimple." R.W. - Dublin, Georgia

"Went to the doctor for a bit on my arm for 3 weeks. Antibiotics and steroids. Bit just kept getting worse. My boss told me about brown recluse .com...I viewed the site and ordered my kit immediately. After 1 use my pain went way and by the next day my bite that was 3 inched round started to scab over. The first aid kit was the greatest thing that happened for me in that 3 weeks. I have had 2 friends that have been bitten since. I told them no doctor go to brown-recluse .com. They did and just like me-very satisfied and amazing results.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I recommend it to everybody!!!" Curtis Jarrett - Farmington, MO

"I felt a sting on my leg as I was laying on my couch. Never did see the spider. The bit turned red and was the size of a silver dollar by the next day. I ordered your recluse kit started putting the medicine on it immediately. My bite never did open into a soar and I feel like it is due to your medicine. I could see improvement the next day and continued using the medicine for another week. I live in a house with recluse and have plenty of Spider traps out. It really helps control the spiders." J. H. - Thompson Station, Tennessee

The spider bite was very painful and I crushed the spider on my leg, but it was still very easy to identify it as a brown recluse. I applied your product 2 days post bite. The paste was very soothing and took the heat from the bite. I kept applying it per the directions for about a total of 4 days. The bite only necrosed slightly. I have healed completely. Judy Comer - Carrier Mills, Illinois

"This was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. Though the bite wound never grew as large as others I've seen, it did take over 2 months for the wound to close. Your product really turned it around, and felt so soothing. I hope I never have to use it again but I'm keeping what is left of it handy, just in case. Thank you!" T. B. - Washington, D.C.

"After seeing a Doctor and finding out exactly what was wrong with me, all he could do was give me an antibiotic. I had two bites that were rapidly growing on my thigh and the antibiotic did nothing for them. As soon as I received the kit, I could see almost instant results after the very first treatment. You could see where the venom was being pulled out and the swelling was decreasing instantly. Although very messy, I would definitely recommend to EVERYONE if they are bitten. I only had to use the treatment for about a week and a half and they were both dried up and on their way to mending." Donna McClellan - Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I was bitten on a Saturday , and a small red mark appeared with in a few moments. I dismissed it until 3 days later when the red mark appeared worse and a tiny dark dot appeared in the center . The following Saturday 1 week later the mark in the center turned green and topical antibiotics and cortisone were applied. I was told by a physician I would probably need to take oral antibiotics and steroids but he did not identify as a Brown Recluse Spider bite. I spoke to 2 nurses who identified the bite, and had experience in treating such a bite. They informed me standard treatment involved oral steroids and Strong antibiotics along with several surgeries to remove the gangrenous tissue.. and they had seen patients whose bites took 6 months to heal. That week the bite began to hurt and spread. Friday ( now going on 19 days ) I got on the internet and started researching the Brown Recluse bite myself as the only info I could get form the Medical community was steroids and antibiotics and cutting away tissue. I knew from the research I was dealing with a venom that was still in my system. Not once did the Medical Experts reference the venom as the cause of the decaying tissue. Your web site was the first I heard of this. It made absolute sense.. The Topical remedy described a drawing type of poultice which seemed a reasonable course of action. I ordered the kit on a Friday but would not receive it until the following Monday . While I was waiting for that to arrive the Physician said I shouldn't wait any longer and prescribed Steroids and Antibiotics. I am not one to take steroid use lightly .. On Saturday night the wound looked very ugly .. so taking from the poultice idea I decided I would try something very old fashion as a sort of stop gap hoping that it would stall the progression of the decaying tissue. What I did was use a cut raw potato for Saturday and Sunday and wrap it over the wound., Now while this did not make it better it also was not getting worse. By Monday after noon I received the Kit and immediately applied it to the bite I replaced the dressing again Monday night and on Tues. morning I was amazed .. The wound was at least 50 % better .. I continued with the treatment for 3 days and while it looked pretty much 90 % healed at the end of 3rd day, I continued the treatment for the rest of the week.. Not only was I amazed but the 2 nurses who had examined the bite at its worst couldn't believe it was almost completely healed the week after. They asked what I had done along with the Physician.. After explaining it to them, I got what I felt was a very dismissive response .. " well it probably was healing on it's own“.. I realized that these professionals were really not interested in a cure for this bite if it didn't come from a pharmaceutical company.. I can only conclude that unless you put this course of treatment through a clinical trial The medical profession will not accept it. Personally I think every person who works in a garden or barn should keep one of these kits on hand . I will always have this kit on hand.. Just because the medical profession doesn’t accept the results of this treatment doesn’t mean the consumer should have to suffer."  Grace DiBenedetto - Comstock Park, Michigan

"On July 7, 2006 I thought I had a pimple on my lower abdomen (what a strange place for a pimple, I thought); by the next day I realized it was far more than that. It was 5 days before I could see a doctor, who did have the bite site analyzed as containing venom and diagnosed it as a brown recluse spider bite. This doctor had previous experiences and seemed certain of the diagnosis. Ten days of steriods and ten weeks of antiobiotics stopped the progressive destruction of the flesh. Description of the sight at the worst time: pink area the size of a 7-inch oval; inside that an area of read about 3 by 4 inches; inside that a dark purple area the size of a silver dollar which was hard to a depth of about 3/4 of an inch) and a necrotic area that was the size of a dime. In the tenth week, when the necrotic site quit oozing red, green and yellow fluids and looked like new skin, I quit taking the antibiotics. I still have a half-dollar size purple scar that is still painful at times. 

In early September, I noticed two more bites on my upper thigh, right leg. Now that I was able to recognize the problem, I went to the doctor the next day. I was put on antiobiotics immediately. That day I also got on the "web" (hah!) to research brown recluse spiders and found the website offering the Brown Recluse Spider First Aid Kit and spider trap/monitors. Being somewhat skeptical, I called the phone number and talked to an actual person who was very helpful. I decided to order the kit and the traps.

These two bites never looked worse than a mosquito bite, there are still two slightly purple areas but they are not painful. Now, whether it was getting immediately on antibiotics, or having built up some immunity (as my county extension agent said was possible) or the charcoal poultice from the kit, or a combination thereof, who knows? However, I do feel that the poultice really did help tremendously. 

As far as the twenty-plus spider trap/monitors, I have caught 3 roaches and a little tiny gecko (which I felt very bad about).

The rest of the story: My husband had a "pimple" on his knee five days ago. He was still recovering from abrasions obtained in a touch football game with his scouts, so the "pimple" seemed part of that problem at first. Three days ago, we decided it might be a spider bite. He applied the poultice Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning all the swelling had disappeared. By this morning (Friday) the site looks like it is on its way to healing, with the red, inflamed area being greatly diminshed and there being no further signs of pus. Hope this helps someone else."
L. C. - Abilene, Texas

"Hi, I purchased your product after I had been bitten by a brown recluse spider. I went to my Dr. about 3 days after the bite, and thank the Lord he knew what the wound was and immediately gave me IV's and heavy doses of AMOX. I discovered your product through the internet, ordered it, and applied it...... Your claims are very true.... the wound healed very quickly, and now it looks as though I will have minimal scarring. Thank you.." Peter Williams - Galloway, New Jersey

"I have a different kind of testimony, having nothing to do with use of your kit as first aid against a recluse bite.

I had on my wrist a small but highly persistent weeping infection from poison ivy. I had treated the poison ivy rash in the traditional manner and it all eventually cleared up...except for a small and very itchy infection on my wrist. It bothered me for months. It tried iodine, mecurochrome, betadine.I tried applying hydrogen peroxide. All failed. 

In desperation I applied the brown recluse powder and ointment under a patch a few times, and it seems that the extractive qualities of the ointment worked to extract whatever it was bothering me and purify the infection. No problems since then. It required a few applications but it worked. Nothing else did."
Dixon H Harris - Denver, North Carolina

"Although not as severe as some pictures I saw on the net. I got two bites at the same time ( one on each knee). The symptoms got worse over the course of about a week before I got the Brown Recluse spider bite kit. The Instructions were easy to understand and the product seemed to work perfect. All symptoms were gone in about a week and a half." Michael G. - Pomona, California

"In the spring of 2005 we moved into a duplex which seemed to have an abundance of spiders, sprays were in effect inside or out. As time went on we discovered some were Brown Recluse so I went on the internet where I found traps and a kit for bites in case any occurred. In July of 2006 my husband was bitten on his forearm while in bed. I started using the kit. He was bruised from his wrist to his elbow from the bite but we feel the kit was very important in his recovery. I immediately ordered another kit and more traps and don't ever want to be without either again." Irvin Kelso - Higginsville, MO

I was bitten by a Brown Recluse or some other poisonous spider in my sleep near my ankle. There was a hole in my leg over the size of a quarter and there wasn't any skin left. I went to the doctor and we tried several things. We tested it for a Staph infection and various other infections. I tried antibiotics, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and various other remedies. Nothing seemed to be working. Two weeks went by and my mother ordered your product for me and had it sent overnight. I used it for two days and my wound immediately started healing until it was dried out and cleared up." Shawn Lake - Kauai, Hawaii

"I don't know if this was a brown recluse bite but it was a spider bite of some kind. I was bitten 3 or 4 times and within the hour the bites were very red and very tender. After 3 days of no improvement I went to my family doctor who prescribed some antibiotic because the bites seemed to be infected. 4 days of meds that made me sick to my stomach and still no improvement. A web search brought me to this product. I figured....what have I got to loose. The product arrived very quickly (thank goodness!!) and I imediately put it to work. The bites were on my stomach (the spider got under the waist band of my jeans) and that made the aplication somewhat messy but the results were nothing short of a miracle! After 2 weeks of RED swolen bite marks and PAIN!!! it subsided almost within the hour. a few more days and the pain was gone completely and the bite wounds were healing. Everything healed up in about 3 weeks. I still have some scares from the bites but I never want to go through that again. I keep the kit right next to my standard first aid kit and I will never be without it again." M.K. - North Bend, Ohio

"Your product really works well. I was bit by a brown recluse spider and was in extreme pain. I ordered your kit and it began drawing the venom out just as it had stated it would. This product is the best that I have found and would recommend it to anyone.." Donna S. - Rudyard, Michigan

"I don't know when I received the bite-never felt anything: I noticed a small red spot on the front of my shin bone one day, left leg. I had it for a week before it started to get bigger, then turned black and ugly looking. Went to urgent care when someone said it was a recluse spider bite. It was; got antibiotic shot and ointment for it. After 3 weeks, it was not getting worse, but not much better either. One of my sons pulled up your web site, we ordered the kit, and when I started using it, within 3 days it was 100% better and all healed within 2 weeks. Wish I knew where the spider was. Beverly F. - New Bern, North Carolina

I noticed I had a spider bite on my lower leg and my finger. I used to be a nurse in a dermatology office and had seen several recluse bites during that time so I recognized what they were. The standard treatment by a doctor is antibiotics so I decided to search the web for other options. When I found this website I was interested in the kit so I ordered it. I was really surprised and impressed with the speed in which the products in the spider bite kit worked. I like the product and will use it again.J. E. - Burleson, Texas

"I would recommend this kit to anyone who is bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. This kit relieved some of the pain and definitely helped the healing of the necrotic wound. You must act quickly when bitten by this spider, because the wound develops rapidly. And yes, as we surprisingly discovered this spider is in California as well as other states. We've been told about several encounters in the Northwest, when discussing our situation with other victims. Be careful and buy the kit as a preventive measure." D.S. - Fairfield, California

"I was bitten on the back of my left hand. I was reroofing a shed at the time. That night I noticed what I thought was a scratch on the back of my hand. The next day I noticed it was oozing something. The next few days it kept getting bigger and bigger. That's when I got on the computer and looked up "brown-recluse.com".My son kept telling me he killed a brown recluse in the house and I always said it was just a spider, but I was wrong. I ordered the kit, by that time my bite was the size of a dime. At work I showed the guys your website pictures and my bite. Freaked them out. Applied your solution per directions and within a week the results were remarkable. Everyone at work was amazed how quickly it went from a oozing sore to healed over in such a short time" Steven E. - Kansas City, Missouri

"I am a carpenter and was bit while tearing out and replacing the floor in an old boathouse. The weather was very hot and the boathouse was dirty and dusty and there were spiders and bugs of all sort under the floorboards. I was aware of something crawling up the inside of my leg and then it bit me. I simply slapped at it and shook my leg and went on working. The next day I noticed some swelling and redness. The swelling and redness spread across the inside of my leg until it was about 4 inches in diameter and the center of it turned black and oozing. My wife insisted that I go to the emergency room. The Dr. was visibly horrified and admitted that he didn't know what it was. 
My wife had a co-worker that was bitten by a brown recluse and was finally diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic, but only after several months of doctoring and suffering. When she asked the Dr. about the possibility of it being a bite from a brown recluse she was told that it was not a possibility since they are not indigenous to Northern Minnesota.
I was treated by a strong, broad-based antibiotic with no obvious improvement. I was very uncomfortable and had an rotting, open wound that was continuing to get worse. 
My wife found information about your Brown Recluse kit by searching the internet for information about the Brown Recluse. I thought the whole idea just nuts, but she insisted. She can be very persistent and I didn't have any better plan of attack, since the antibiotics didn't seem to be doing much. Frankly, the pictures on your website looked just like my bite site and it scared me. 
Your poultice smelled bad and was a mess to use, but it began working after only one application. I used the poultice a couple times a day for the next week and the bite site just continued to improve. The rotting, black, flesh-eaten areas filled in and turned pink again. I have no scars and no lingering ill effects from the bite. 
Michael M. - Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

"I wasn't bitten, however my son was bitten 18 months ago and went through hell at the hospital. It was so bad he was down 3wks. from school. At the time we did not know about your bite kit, neither did the hospital, treatment was painful. Recently my brother was bitten several times and found your website, we ordered our first kit and it was amazing!!!!!!!! 
Within the first 24 hours the bites were 100% better looking and the pain was almost gone. This was in July. Then again in Nov. my father was bitten while working in the garage. It was located on the back of his neck and we used the kit. Along with Bactim from the doctor. He healed and again the treatment was unbelievable compared to E.R rooms. Recently he bumped the area and another sore appeared we were out of the liquid part but still had some charcoal left, I called and asked if bottled water would be ok to use till our new kit arrived. They told me yes that it would be ok till our new kit arrived. It worked good. Our new kit arrived a couple days later and within the first few hours the results were amazing. 

From now on we will have this kit on hand always. I feel it is the best product we have ever bought and I tell everyone how great it is. Everyone should have this in there first aid cabinet at home and work. I know we will never be without it ever again. Your product is unbelievable. It really works!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making it available and inexpensive. It also arrives quickly. Please sign me up for your newsletters by email also." Shelly Y. - Fullerton, California

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