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"I was bitten on New Year's day (1/1/05) - don't know when/where that occurred exactly but, the bite site was the first joint from the end of the ring finger of my left hand. Within hours the "bull's eye" look had developed and the pain was increasing geometrically. I recognized the wound as some sort of a bite/sting but, didn't know from what at the time. I pricked the site with a pin after a few hours and let it drain into hydrogen peroxide followed by distilled water while watching TV that night (figure the bite was around noon that day). By morning, a really red, swollen area had formed around the tip of the finger. The next day or two went by and it appeared the redness would leave one area and then move on to another always closer to the hand, leaving the previous area feeling numb and leathery and  wherever the red area was as it traveled got really tender to any touch or temp changes.

When it got past the second joint from the end of the finger (about four days later) , I got worried enough to do some web searching and decided it was a brown recluse bite and decided to try your product as the info seemed to confirm my thoughts that "modern"/Western medicine was pretty useless (pretty much what I had already done trying to drain the venom out and prevent infection). I think my draining of the bite the first day may have saved me from the necrosis but, not all venom was out as the finger was appearing to "die" anyway and that feeling was getting ever closer to the hand. Anyway, as some had stated on your site, the pain very nearly immediately went away upon applying your product. I was really worried the first few dressing changes as I was losing much skin in the "dead" areas of the finger (I would clean with a toothbrush, soap and warm water when changing dressings) and since the powder part of your product just looks like printer cartridge toner powder, I wondered if I had made things worse at first but, it did appear that new skin was underneath and the dressing did relieve the pain so, I kept up the routine and within a week, I had much movement back and a nearly new finger!

I still have some stiffness at the joint where bitten and it gets cold at the end much more easier than the other fingers now so, I've likely lost some circulation there BUT, I am so pleased as I was wondering if I would have to have the finger removed to save my hand before I tried your product. Needless to say, I have "spread the word" and now am keeping some of this product on hand at home from now on! May God pour out his blessings on you and your company!" Rick Louiselle - Riverside, Missouri

"My son was bitten by a brown recluse. He was on vacation in Florida when he became in major pain and went to the emergency room there. When he got back to Tennessee, he went to the emergency room here. Both doctors said he had been bitten by a brown recluse. The doctors here scheduled him to see a surgeon to schedule surgery to cut the dead skin out. He had a hole in his abdomen the size of a quarter and it was black and oozing a nasty discharge.

We ordered the kit and he used it. He was willing to try anything to keep them from cutting him. Four days later, when he went to the surgeon, the skin wasn't black anymore--it was pink and healing. The surgeon said he didn't think he had ever been bit by a recluse. Personally, since two doctors that had seen his bite before the treatment thought it was a recluse bite, I believe the treatment made the difference.

Right now, I have two friends that have been diagnosed by doctors as having been bit my brown recluses. I have tried to get them to order the kit but they are sticking to doctors orders. I think someone needs to wake up and quit saying that brown recluse bites are rare. I am 50 and have never known anyone to be bitten by a brown recluse. In the last 5 months, I have known 4 people to be diagnosed with bites. I think maybe they are getting more aggressive. 

Anyway, I think the world of your kit. It cured my son and I would never be without one. I also have the traps and have caught a couple of them in my garage. Thanks more than I can ever say."
Barbara B. - Knoxville, Tennessee

"I am so glad that I ordered your kit for the treatment of the bites. My grand daughter's first bite was sooo bad and the treatment worked quickly for her . But the second and third bites were well in no time. My daughter said it was a miracle." Pat Johnson - Evansville, Indiana

"I was bit by a Brown recluse and within a few days I realized I was in trouble within a week I had the first aid kit in my hands. I only wish I had a kit when I was bit however even after letting it go for almost 8 days I started to apply the ointment [Our First Aid Kit] as well as taking a vitamin and mineral supplement [VIBE] with a 10 day supply of penicillin and I am now a happy survivor of the dreaded brown recluse spider. Thanks Russell." James Morris - Hollywood, Florida

When I received the bite. I felt a sharp pinch like thing. Sort of like getting stuck with a sharp needle. I jumped and rubbed my left leg, where I felt the pain. I noticed the next day the area was red. Then the following day the area got bigger, redder and hurt more. The area got to big as big as 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. Also the area became bloody and full of a yellowish/green pus that oozed a lot. I went to the doctors. The doctors told me I was bitten by a Brown Recluse. The doctor gave me some antibiotics. Weeks passed before the area got better. I still have a small red mark where I was bitten. After this was healed somewhat. I got bitten again three inches from the first area. This time my husband and I went online and looked up Brown Recluse. I did not go to the doctors this time. We saw on the web site, where we could order a Brown Recluse Kit. When the kit came I used it on my new bite. Not only did this help the bite, but it healed the area mush faster. It took days instead of weeks. And the new area did not leave a red mark behind. In fact I'm even thinking I should use the Brown Recluse Kit on my old area to see if that would get rid of the red mark left behind from the first bite. We leave in a wooded area near a river. I think Brown Recluse are abundant here. My husband and I now have a kit in the house, in our camper, in our semi-truck, and in our boat. We will never be without a Brown Recluse Kit ever again. Thank You," Francis Chandler - Lexington Park, Maryland

"We have found 3 Brown recluse spiders in our home in the glue trap we placed around the house. Your kit has made us all feel much safer in the event of an unfortunate bite event. I was please with the quality of the kit when we received it." David Brown - Mount Juliet, Tennessee

"Your product does what it promises, I was in the hospital 3 days and then left with a big hole in my arm, Doctors had forecasted it would take over a month or two to heal, I ordered your product and after a week and a half it was almost completely healed. I don't know the formula but I don't care, the results were much better than the results I got in the hospital from traditional Doctors." Eleazar O. - Miami, Florida

"My 3yr old kid had a lil what looked like a bug bite which quickly became a blister rash. I didn't know what bit her in the house. But I was scared and thought the worse. I was crazy on the net looking for something. The doctor gave me cream (Bactroban Cream) which was not helping. It was just growing so fast and I was afraid it would take over her right calf of her little leg. It didn't itch or hurt. My daughter laughed when I washed it twice a day. I covered it with gause. It looked better after first treatment of the recluse spider treatment. It got smaller and opened the skin up. It healed up to just a lil discolor on her skin. Then months later in came up again a lil bump which started to blister. I put the treatment on it and it started to heal in days which saved me all that worry of the weeks from the other break out. I still don't know what caused it but I use it for all the worries of being a mother of 6 children. A friend of mine was told by his doctor that soon he would have to make and appointment to have a chunk of his skin cut out from a recluse spider bite. It got as big as a softball on his knee. I told him he could try this recluses stuff I got off the net and he tried it and in a few days it started getting smaller and soon healed up and he was glad to have me in his life." Patricia Mullins - Athens, Alabama

"I was bit on 9-12-04 and went to the doctors on the 14th with a fever and feeling dizzy and nauseous. The doctor confirmed that it was a brown recluse and gave me antibiotics to fight the bite. I took the meds with little improvement. The bite blistered and grew larger every day. By the 20th the bite was the size of a dime and very painful and still growing. I ordered the kit and got it the next day. By the 23rd (after two days of using it) the yellow pus was cleared up and healthy skin was all that was left. I have a small scar from the bite, but I'm sure if I had used the product at the first sign of the bite I would not have a scar or have been in as much pain. This stuff really works!" C. C. - Manteca, California

"First of all I would like to say that I have never been bitten by a spider before, this was an experience of a life time. I didn't realize I had been bitten, util I noticed my right leg on the outside, just a little bit below my calve started swelling. I knew I had been bitten by an insect, but not a spider. Therefore, I started putting witch hazel and green rubbing alcohol on it. Next couple of days I started noticing lines in my skin and these 2 black dots like eyes. But seem like the swelling was getting worst even though I was constantly using the witch hazel and green rubbing alcohol. More lines appeared in the swelling. I also notice a round spot starting to develop in the center of the swelling. It was Christmas Eve, I was trying to finish up all my baking, I was constantly on that right leg. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain go up my leg and my ankle was so big with swelling, it scared me, all this was the spider venom traveling in my leg. I'll never forget having to go into the emergency room on 24 December 2004, because of the brown recluse spider bite. The doctor told me I came in good timing, because the swelling could have bursted my leg open, because it was so tight and hot with fever. So I was given a tetanus shot, put on a strong anti-biotic for 7 days and was given a prescription for a tube of anti-ointment. The anti-biotics were used to keep the infection out of my bloodstream, but the ointment itself just wasn't helping. I think the peroxide itself was a little better, but it just wasn't doing the job. So the Lord put it in my spirit to go out on the internet and do so research on the brown recluse spider. As I was searching I noticed they were advertising the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit. So I decided to order it, because I compared paying a $65.00 office visit to the doctor and not making progress to $30.00 for the kit, I said I'll try the Kit. I thank the Heavenly Father to this day for putting it in my spirit, because it worked for me. Mixing that powder and grain alcohol together to form your paste and putting it on that spider bite drawed all of that spider venom out of my leg. Because I did have a hole, but it wasn't really deep, because I think the peroxide helped to some degree. But, I used my kit for about 2 1/2 weeks. All the venom was drawn out and the hold closed on it's own. I have a scar for life, but it's all good. I rather have the scar than to have lost a leg and I did not have to get the infection scrapped out and packed with gauze like some people. I thank God for whomever invented the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit. Believe me it works.............." Cordellia Warfield - Vicksburg, Mississippi

"My aunt was bit by the Brown Recluse spider. I was positive that it was a Brown Recluse. I've seen what these spider bites can do. The Brown Recluse First Aid Kit was 100% effective in making the problem go away. The kit was absolutely phenomenal. It worked very effectively and started working immediately. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone else."  Fred B. - Staten Island, New York

"Bought this kit for my brother who was bitten in the Texas panhandle. He had already been prescribed antibiotics and received medical attention. The kit provided the completion of healing 4 days later and greatly reduced the scaring affect." J.K. - Hobbs, New Mexico

"In Texas, sweaters stay tucked away but for once a year. My little buddy was happily sleepin in the sleeve of sweater just mindin' his own business. I yanked down the sweater for the rare 50 degree Texas chill. Wasn't the spiders fault at all.

Put on the sweater - Good golly! 4 bites as he ran down my arm and came out the sleeve - and yes I stomped on the

Emergency Room. Huge swelling. Numbness. No real pain. I've been bitten by a lot here in Texas, but this bite made me sick and it kept deepening every hour.

After 5 hours and a bonehead at the ER I get some pink pills and the pink slip to get out! I came home and I believe I overnighted your package. I did more than your instructions said. 

My family is in healthcare so do not be alarmed. I abrased the areas more deeply and scraped the necrosis forming deeper and JAMMED your remedy deep into the wounds immediately. 

I washed the wounds daily and JAMMED MORE into the holes in my hand which were deepening every hour. It stopped the next day. Code Blue. Now I just have a couple of liver spots. I keep a kit handy always. I trusted you folks and that's just good business. 

I got help from experience and not some whack doctor looking for either an office visit or where to bill me for something."
Bobby Drish - Austin, Texas

"I am no longer afraid of any type of spider bite because my bite may not have been a brown recluse because I didn't see the spider but I know it really left me a nasty bite. After I used your product it went away within a couple of weeks. It also helped the itching go away. I would recommend your product to anyone to have at home at all times. Thank you." Alonzo Sanchez - Euless, Texas

I wasn't sure when I got bit but noticed swelling on my leg. It got worse over a few days so I went to see my doctor. It was determined to be a spider bite, possibly a brown recluse. I was given a prescription for antibiotics as well as a "booster" shot of antibiotics and was scheduled to see a plastic surgeon for removal of the dead tissue and a skin graft. I was browsing online that evening about brown recluse bites and the bite looked identical to the bites pictured at the early stage. I ordered the first aid kit and applied it. Within a day, the pain was gone and about 4-5 days after the wound was completely healed with only minor scarring. I have just gotten a bite on my left arm above my wrist and was glad I had purchased the first aid kit. Within a couple of days of getting the bite (again, not sure where or exactly when it happened) and treating it with the first aid solution, the bite has not worsened and is almost completely healed. Excellent product! Very happy with the results and have saved money from doctor bills and surgery! Strongly recommend having a kit if you live in an area where these spiders are commonly found! Robert Hughes - Springfield, Missouri

"I was bit twice, they were both a couple months apart. My girlfriend was bit as well after I was bit the second time. So when she was bit we knew what it was and she got treated right away. Her doctor didn't believe that she was bit, but still gave her antibiotics. After seeing a second doctor, she was given a stronger antibiotic to help.

The main thing is that I was not treated right away when I was bit in Florida. When I came to Michigan, I brought the spider with me and that is how I was bit again as well as my girlfriend.

We did a lot of research of the brown recluse and their bites. That's when I read that you could get reoccurrences of the bites. A few weeks later I started getting these small lumps that felt like another bite.

Once I got my third one, I went on the computer and found the brown recluse kit. I couldn't believe how fast and how great the stuff REALLY worked. When I first put it on, it relieved the soreness and pain. It was a cool feeling. I really wish both myself and my girl friend had the kit when we were bit from the get go. We wouldn't have gone through so much pain. we both can't believe how painful these bites really are.

Again, this kit really worked and it works so fast it was crazy and amazing. Thank you again and I am so glad that we bought it and still have it for the future." D.N. Garden City, Michigan 

"As Luck would have it, even though I did not know what kind of bite it was, and because it was so painful, on the third day after my bite I decided to look up on the net 'Brown Recluse'.  I found the Progeny site and after discussing my symptoms with the proprietor it was not certain that it was a recluse bite for sure, but that is were I got lucky, I decided to go ahead and order the kit, it was Friday when I ordered it and by Monday morning  when the kit arrived I was getting desperate for help.  I immediately applied the mixture and by the end of the day I noticed a huge improvement as well as a considerable amount of puss had left the wound area.  I suppose because it was six days before I was able to apply the salve, it took a little while to completely heal from this encounter, I am thankful that I  found Progeny Products, it was a limb saver. Thank you" Mohammed Ismail - Benson, Arizona

Had a bite on the back of the neck. Bite was the size of a silver dollar and was seeping. Ordered kit and received it the next day. Thought paste was a little messy, but applied it as directed. Noticed results the next day. The swelling went down and within a week, bite was better. K.R. - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

"While I do not believe I was bitten by a brown recluse (there have been no confirmed bites in Michigan) we do have a number of highly toxic spiders. The area of the wound was about 2 inches in diameter; and my Doctor had no medical treatment. I immediately ordered the Brown Recluse first aid kit. Within 15 minutes of applying the poltice, I experienced relief from the intense burning sensation and muscle ache. On a daily basis I noticed a shrinking of the affected area. Within a week, the site was completely healed with no scarring. 

I have never written a testimonial before; but I cannot praise this product enough. I've already purchased a kit for my parents who winter in Florida. My advice to anyone reading this is buy this kit today."
Kim Rinn - Ypsilanti, Michigan

"Thank you for your product. I have been bitten three times, the first time I went to a dermatologist who gave me antibiotics and creams. They did nothing and the scar looks like a bullet wound. The second and third times I used your product and the wound healed in a couple of weeks with no scar. I have no hesitation to recommend your product." Ted Donnelly - Houston, Texas

Below is an email we received on 5/30/2005:

: Quick Action by Brown Recluse First Aid Kit

To Whom It May Concern:

A friend of mine in Tampa, Florida, was hospitalized for three weeks recently after being bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider while gardening in her yard. I went on line to see what a Brown Recluse looked like and ordered their emergency kit immediately, just in case. We received our Brown Recluse First Aid Kit a few days after ordering and the VERY SAME DAY we received it, my husband and a neighbor on our street (who is 73 years of age) had gone fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Right before starting back home, our neighbor was bitten on the boat by what he thought at the time was a "horse" fly. When he swatted at his foot, it left a bit of blood. Shortly after he got home, his foot became very swollen and he was in severe pain...he could not walk on his foot but had to use crutches which they happened to have at home. He said the pain was worse than when he tore his rotator cuff in his shoulder last year! 

Our neighbor called my husband shortly after they had gotten home to tell him about his condition. I hadn't even had time to read the directions regarding the kit but I had my husband run the kit down to our neighbor immediately. He was skeptical about the kit helping but they "tried it anyway"....Shortly after applying the product, his pain was gone! Howevever, he sat with his foot up the rest of the afternoon and that evening . The next morning he called to tell us that he was totally back to normal. Altho our neighbor did not actually see what bit him, there were two small pin point marks close together on his foot, which I'm told is typical of a Brown Recluse Spider. THIS KIT WORKS ! We left it with our neighbors as a very useful "gift" and have ordered another one for us to keep on hand.

Sincerely, Pat and Richard Barnes" 

"All I can say is that this product really works! Thanks!" H.K. - Abbeville, Louisiana

"My son was bit on the right arm, just under his elbow, by a brown recluse in his first week of MOS training for the US Marine Corps in Mississippi. They had sent him to the hospital in town several times, where the doctor had cut away the dead skin and sutured him.

I purchased the Brown Recluse Spider Bite Kit and drove out to see my son about 10-12 days after the bite. It looked terrible! I was in a hotel room and applied the poultice several times over the two days I saw my son. While the poultice turned his wound black (which I hadn't expected) due to the powder, it began to look better the first day. After he went back to the base, they monitored his wound but never had to cut away any more tissue or re-suture him. He was almost completely healed within about four more weeks. (At that point he had been re-sutured at least twice as the poison ate into the area around the sutures and made the wound open up again.)

Although I didn't expect too much improvement since it had been so long since my son was bit, I was elated to see that his pain was reducing as well as the rawness of the wound reduced within hours of the first application. By the way, this bite earned him the nickname "Spiderman," which he still uses as his moniker in the Marines. He's now serving in Iraq." Lauren W. - Atlanta, Georgia (Bite was in Meridian, MS) www.SoldByLauren.com

"My husband showed me a spot on his side where he had just been bitten by "something", at first I thought it was a mosquito bite. 5 minutes later, he showed me again, this time the spot was raised and swelled to the size of a quarter, with a definite "target" area in the center. I circled the area with a black marker, a few minutes later, it doubled in size. I decided then to use my brown recluse first aid kit. I mixed up the contents and put it on him, wrapping it with plastic wrap and an ace bandage. Followed the directions and re-applied the mixture an hour later. Within two hours the wound was gone. No sign of the bite. Although he didn't see the spider that bit him, we have struggled with brown recluse infestations since we moved into this house three years ago. We aren't willing to take any chances. The Brown Recluse First Aid Kit saved my husband many hours/days/months of pain and recovery time. THANKS!" Melinda B. - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"While I do not believe I was bitten by a brown recluse (there have been no confirmed bites in Michigan) we do have a number of highly toxic spiders. The area of the wound was about 2 inches in diameter; and my Doctor had no medical treatment. I immediately ordered the Brown Recluse first aid kit. Within 15 minutes of applying the poultice, I experienced relief from the intense burning sensation and muscle ache. On a daily basis I noticed a shrinking of the affected area. Within a week, the site was completely healed with no scarring. 

I have never written a testimonial before; but I cannot praise this product enough. I've already purchased a kit for my parents who winter in Florida. My advice to anyone reading this is buy this kit today."
K. M. - Ypsilanti, Michigan

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