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"I was bit on the Monday after the Fourth of July. 2 hours after I was bit there was a stinging, burning feeling. I already knew two people who were bit by this spider and it rotted out their flesh. That same day I went to a clinic. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone and gave me antibiotics. The doctor told me that she couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have a rotted spot in spite of everything she did which was everything that could be done. I saw your product on the computer and had it sent overnight. The bite was probably a little larger than a half dollar. When I started putting your product on it, within 48 hours the pain was gone. I used it a couple more days and now a few weeks later it is completely healed. I was very well pleased. I've told several people about it and gave them your 888-RECLUSE number and they said they would also order your kit to prevent going through what I did." J.A. - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Below is an email we received on 7/5/2005:

Subject: Thank you!!!!

"Thank you so much for selling your spider bite kit. I was bitten on the forearm by a spider. Three days later my arm was infected, very swollen and I was running a fever. I went to the hospital and was just given antibiotics and told it was probably a brown recluse, that it would take up to 3 months to heal and I would have a huge whole in my arm. I could not believe that was all that could be done. I then went to my doctor who wanted to cut out about a 6X6inch section of my arm to remove the venom. I am a Diesel Mechanic for Caterpillar. This would have put me out of work for a very long time. My wife then saw your website and ordered your Kit. Upon the first day of applying the medicine my arm started to improve. We then cancelled the appointment with the doctor to have my arm cut up. I have been using the medicine for four days now and my arm is almost completely healed. I only have a spot of about 1/2 an inch in diameter that is still hard. I am ordering more of the medicine to finish healing the bite. And we will always keep a Kit in our house to use if needed again. 
Again thank you so much for a Great Product! It really does work. And it has saved me from surgery on my arm and loss time from my job and even loss of use of my arm. Also it has saved us over $1000.00 dollars or more from doctors bills and work loss.

Thank you,

Wendell Tarrant
Douglas, Georgia

"I was bitten on my calf while I was asleep. I know this because I was having a dream that there was a spider on me, and, in fear, I woke to feel a real spider running down my leg. I didn't feel the bite at the time, but about 4-5 days later, it started to harden and hurt. It was itchy, too, but when I scratched, it hurt. 

In a panic, I went online to your web site, and saw that you had a brown recluse first aid kit. I do not like to go to the doctor, and I have several friend who have been bitten in the past, and they have HORROR stories about their experiences.

The kit came within a few days, and by then my bite was the size of 1/2 of a grapefruit! It was very, very sore. There was a tremendous pressure under the skin, and it was very red and inflamed. I started using the kit, and after about 2 days, I noticed SIGNIFICANT relief from the pain and the swelling subsided. (Please note that I only used the kit twice per day--once in the a.m. and once before bed. I travel for work, and it was not convenient to use it as directed. Otherwise, I'm SURE that I would have found relief much sooner).

I kept using the kit until it was gone, and I ordered 2 more. I used all three kits, never went to the doctor, and the bite is now just a dark mark on my leg. I also believe that I ws bitten more than once, because I have more than just one dark mark on my skin, although it only swelled terribly under the one bite site.

I am so thankful for your kit! It saved me THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills--which would have probably included surgery and a hospital stay, multiple trips to the doctor, and time off from work (I was able to work as I used the kit, and no one ever knew!)!! I never even went and got antibiotics! This kit is amazing! I will definitely be ordering a few more just to have on hand!

Thank you so much, Brown Recluse Team! Keep up the GREAT work! AMAZING!!!!!"
Martha B. - Payson, Arizona

"I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Before I knew about your kit, the doctor had just cut into my wound 3" deep, all the way to the muscle. The venom totally destroyed the tissue through the muscle. I had lost so much pus, it just looked like a volcano. The doctors were talking about amputation if they didn't cut it out. One doctor in ER said that I'd never get rid of that scar. Well, that night I mixed up the ingredients in your kit, even with the Brown Recluse Solution, I didn't care about the pain, and the pain wasn't too bad. In the morning, the hole had probably closed up from a quarter size to a fingertip size and had closed in an inch on each side, and that's just overnight. There was so much pus that was drawn out. All the jagged edges were smooth.

It healed up the wound so well. The doctor couldn't believe it. She was impressed and took the information down. She looked at the ingredients and said that it made sense. I am going to place a big order. I've talked to about 30 of my friends about this kit."
(LeAnn ordered 15 Brown Recluse First Aid Kits.) LeAnn W. - Orlando, Florida

"I was bitten on the forearm by a brown recluse while in the wood shed moving some things around. The bite was extremely sore until I applied your product. Your product is awesome! It took what was a swollen, red and very sore bite and reduced it to just a little red spot. It healed up in a matter of a week. I recommended your kit to my mother who has since bought one. I also recommended it to my friends. 

On July 3rd I was stung 7 times in the leg by a bald faced hornet. I applied your product to that as well. It worked!! So it definitely works on bee stings as well. The stings healed up pretty quickly after the applications.

Thank You for offering such a great product!! :-)"

Allison Houston
South Prairie, Washington

"I am so glad that I ordered your kit for the treatment of the bites. My grand daughter's first bite was sooo bad and the treatment worked quickly for her . But the second and third bites were well in no time. My daughter said it was a miracle." Pat Johnson - Evansville, Indiana

"This kit is a must have for everyone! Kit arrived quickly and within 3 days, wound looked better than after 2 weeks of antibiotics! I highly recommend it to everyone in Illinois and anywhere you are in contact with spiders! Linda W. - Illinois

"I was a bit scared at first about this Brown Recluse bite. It was real rough for a week. I figured after looking at your website, I could go to the emergency room and come out a few $1000 dollars lighter and you don't know if it'll help you out or order your kit. Well, your kit did the trick. It healed up like you wouldn't believe. There's just a tiny, little scar that you could hardly notice. I was impressed. I've recommended it to a few people." Jim M. - Holly Hill, Florida

"I owe you all a success story. My son had been bitten at least a week before we discovered your website. My son had 4 bites and thanks to your products he has recovered. It healed within 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks. The doctors were skeptical at first but they were really impressed. I have told friends about your kit and they are going to have it on hand. A friend had a Brown Recluse bite and she had to have skin grafts where they take large amounts of skin and it takes longer to heal and leaves scars, like burn wounds. And we didn't have to do any of that. I assume VIBE helped too. If it hadn't been for your products, my son was headed for a nervous breakdown with these bites. He kept after it and was diligent to reapply it ever few hours. His bites are entirely healed. We are amazed and are extremely happy. It works and you have a wonderful product." Andrea S - Garland, Texas

"The morning after what I thought was a mosquito bite I had a large red swelled area. The next morning it was like a volcano with what looked like raw flesh in the middle with a red and purplish ring around it. I went to my Dr and he said it was a brown recluse bite. He immediately put me on cortisone and a very strong antibiotic. He said it would take 3-4 months to get under control. After several days of no results I found your kit on the net. I applied the kit several times as directed and the swelling went down, the sore closed up and pain went away. It is still gone. I went back to my doctor and he was amazed. I showed him the kit and he said he had heard the kits worked very well...but he must stick to approved treatment...even if it didn't work." Bob Burgess - Callahan, Florida

"I was working outside all day while wearing shorts. My grounds are rife with spiders of all sorts this time of year. But I generally just leave them be. Anyway, in the late afternoon somebody bit me just above the left knee. I didn't get a chance to see what it was that did the damage, but it hurt and began swelling in just a few minutes. By fifteen minutes my knee was in great pain with a venom mound about the size of a half dollar and an overall redness surrounding the bite wound about 3" in diameter. I realized that whatever had bitten me was causing a very hard allergic reaction and great sharp pain. I suddenly remembered how, on a whim, I had purchased the brown recluse first aid kit while net surfing a couple of months ago. I whipped up the mixture per the instructions and applied the black goop as instructed onto the wound. It actually felt kind of soothing. The TV was on so I went in and sat down to watch the poker series to get my mind off of the the bite. Inside half an hour the pain in my wound had diminished dramatically. I watched TV another 30 minutes or so, and just couldn't wait any longer to take a look see. I went into the bath and cleansed the wound of the black poultice from the brown recluse first aid kit. To my complete amazement, except for a black spot still embedded inside what was obviously the puncture point of the bite, the swelling and discoloration had vanished! I don't mean better, I mean injury gone!! When I first purchased the kit and got it in the mail I had thought "yeah, right, snake oil kit - what a waste of money". Man was that a foolish thought. This system of herbal blend with adsorptive agent really works! I am shocked it worked so well, and so fast. By two days later, there was no way to tell I had ever been bitten. It's as if the kit had sucked the venom right back out of my leg. No emergency, no benadryl, no doctor bills. Bravo! and Thanks!" Larry Blumenthal - Ojai, California

"I was cleaning and disassembling a canvas cover which I had brought with me when I moved to Hartly during the month of July. There were a number of ants around the yard where I was sitting in a lawn chair and I didn't feel or see the spider until I had been bitten in the groin on the left side. I thought it was an ant and just swatted at it and went on with what I was doing. 

When it bit me again, I started to become concerned. I when into the house to check out the bite, but was unable to see the area without a mirror. When I found a mirror to use, several hours later, the area was already reddened and irritated. The bite occurred during the early afternoon, but it was not until night time that it became irritating enough for me to go to the emergency room. By that time, the area was feeling like a bad burn, but I still couldn't see what was causing the problem. I took a good look with a mirror and a flashlight before going to the ER and recognized the brown spots.

I was bitten 10 or 11 years ago while residing in Ohio and have the brown spot with the usual indent on my ankle, so I recognized what had bitten me and thought the ER would have some treatment.
They could not identify the bite and had no clue until I showed the brown spot and indent on my ankle to them. Even then they were reluctant to diagnose a Brown Recluse bite. I told them with the authority of one who had been bitten before that it was a Brown Recluse bite and they still had no clue. I was given a small tube of an antibiotic ointment and sent home. 

I remember using Neosporin on the bite in Ohio in 1995, but I didn't have much faith in that working now, because back then I had been bitten through a sock, just above the ankle and only one time. By 2 AM it was evident that I had been nailed at least 3 times within 1/4 inch and the site was then irritated to a circle about 2 inches in diameter. Believe me it was not in a place where I could or even wanted to take a picture!

When I returned home I hit the Internet and found the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit. I ordered one and had it shipped express. I received it in two days and started treatment immediately. The site had become irritated to a 3 inch circle by that time and I covered the area with the medicine and a gauze bandage to keep it on the site while I tried to get some sleep. The irritation at that time was similar to a bad burn and the site was watery and the skin looked like it might fall off.

I bought a jocky support to keep important parts of my anatomy away from the site, but I was not entirely successful. The venom spread through contact and for at least a week I had to treat numerous other areas in the region. 
In addition, to this major turn of events, I was due to start a trip to drive to Alaska. On the day of departure, the site had improved, so I did not delay the departure. By the time I arrived in North Dakota, the summer temperature had reached 100* and driving in the heat of the day caused a good deal of discomfort. I'm sure that I left traces of the medicine in motel rooms where I stayed and on one occasion found a spider in my room, which gave me quite a panic.
I continue the treatment after my arrival in Alaska and the bite area was cleared in a little over three weeks. I have only one typical brown spot and three other non descript indents in the area, but nothing as definite as the Ohio bite.
I believe from what I can observe at the original site now, that I was bitten 4 times with a decrease in venom in each bite. 

All in all, I may have needed extensive surgery on a very importent part of my anatomy without the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit!" Robert A. Rodgers - Hartly, Delaware

" For my background I am a retired pharmacist of 40 years. This was the second time(5 years apart) for my encounter with a brown recluse. The last time, I ended up in the hospital for 5 days, not knowing if my leg was going to continue to stay attached to me or not! And 5 years later, the scars and sign were still there and lucky for me, the leg is still attached....

With my most recent "bite", I was able to recognize the situation, and with a doctor's appointment, a Rx was acquired for an antibiotic. The healing process was not that noticeable after 5 days, so I ordered the kit and that same day followed the directions and applied the mixture with a bandage.

The very NEXT DAY, I saw an improvement , and by the 4th day of applying, there was no sign of a bite.. Now, to-day, there is no scar or any sign. If I had to tell you where I was bitten, I could not point if out even to myself! It is gone !!!!

So what do I think of the kit? It works well and with speed.. I would not be without it! I highly endorse and recommend ...Thanks for the follow up and checking on me!"
Tom Bargiss - Laurel Springs, North Carolina

My son was bit behind his knee.  He had it lanced and packed, lanced and packed, lance and packed.  He had taken so many antibiotics that I told him that he will deplete his immune system.  I said to him that this isn't going anywhere.  We just needed to try something natural.  I ordered the kit and VIBE and were extra pleased with both.  He's all better.  Also, I tried the kit on my daughter who had been stung by a wasp.  I mixed a little up and she just couldn't believe how it took the pain away immediately.  I read the ingredients and it all makes sense. Nancy M. Garland, Texas

"Naturally, when first reading about your product I was skeptical that it would really work. I had nothing to lose with a money back guarantee and it was the only product of it's kind that I had found. The reason for looking for something like this is that we have a pretty bad brown recluse problem in our home. I had the house sprayed to no avail. It reduced the number of spiders for a while and that was it. Anyway I purchased the first aid kit and the glue traps just to be safe. The traps greatly reduced the number of brown recluses in my house, but about two weeks ago I was bitten on my upper thigh. I applied the contents in the first aid kit immediately after the bite had begun to swell and get very sore. I used the solution as directed for five days and the bite was virtually gone. I was relieved as well as amazed. Thanks a million. If you have ever spotted even one brown recluse in your home, this is a very wise investment and at a very reasonable price. Thanks again" John N - New Albany, Mississippi

"When my son was bit, he was so weak.  He had a fever and lots of sweating.  I think the Brown Recluse was affecting his kidneys because of some symptoms he was experiencing.  Also, his lymph node was engorged and very painful.  When he started taking VIBE we literally saw change overnight.  It was so exciting to see the difference.  He has so much more energy.  I am really impressed with VIBE.  It is so great to have the kit and VIBE and to be able to handle a Brown Recluse bite at home rather than having to go to the doctor." Robin F. - Arkansas

"You have a great product! I was bit 4 months ago. The bite wound was about an inch and a quarter across. We were trying to treat it by cutting the worst part of it out. The Doctor put me on an antibiotic which helped with the infection.. but then the bite wound came back with a vengeance and even in another place I hadn't been bitten. That's when I really started to get nervous. I went back on the medication and it went 10 days without even helping the infection. The infection eventually cleared up but the wound with the venom in it was still there. So I finally got on the computer and purchased your product. I put your paste on at night and the next morning it was only half as big. I applied it once again and now it is practically gone! You have a wonderful product, you really do." Cliff Newell, Lake Worth, Florida

"I was doing some plumbing under a sink and was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. I had a wound about a half inch in diameter and about 3/8" to 1/2" deep. After just 2 days of using your product it started healing very well and the burning pain was going away. Within 10 days or so it was healed! I've already told people about this kit. If I only had this product before I got bit, it wouldn't have got as bad as it did!" Michael Bennett - Hilsboro, Texas

"Concerning the Brown recluse First Aid Kit, it's Marvelous! Performs as promised! - Rich Holler - Jonesboro, Arkansas

"While cleaning seats on my pontoon boat on May 9th,2005; I was bitten by what my doctor described as the Brown Recluse Spider. Never felt the bite, no sting or sign of a bite, until after my shower the following night. It was then I noticed a red circle on my collarbone. Didn't think much of it at first, and thought it to be a mosquito bite. After living on a lake over thirty-four years, I've become accustomed to bug bites and stings. It wasn't until next morning that I knew this was a bite like never before. Could see bite mark in center of a surrounding red circle of blisters and first layer or two of skin was gone! Got to the doctor, he put me on an antibiotic and told me 'No way to prevent venom from Brown Recluse," but that he 'would scrape the blackened area when that happened'. Needless to say, I was frightened with that startling news...came straight home and got on the internet to research all I could on the spider and its bite. Thank goodness, I came across your website offering the Brown Recluse Spider Kit and strips for capturing unwanted 'guests' at my house. Ordered your kit and started treatment as soon as it was delivered. Only took FOUR DAYS to draw out the spider's venom! Went for a checkup today...got a clean bill of health, wound has healed to the touch..although it will take a bit longer for skin color to return to normalcy. Thank you, thank you, for easing my fear of
what possibly Could have happened, had I not used your product. Can't sing enough praises. Thank you also, for the wonderful follow up call and support."
Deda Micol - South Carolina

"I purchased your kit when a neighbor of mine was bitten by the brown recluse and had the bite surgically cut away. Low and behold a few weeks later I was bit at work on my toe of an open toed sandal. I can't be sure it was a brown recluse but I had all of the symptoms. My toe swelled up and began turning purple. I began putting the serum on the following morning after my toe throbbed all night. I got relief soon after and continued using it for 5 to 6 days. I am grateful I had the serum on hand. I also think it was a divine thing that I felt the need to get your product. I couldn't get it out of my head. Thanks so much" Kate T. - Woodstock, Illinois

"Our house is notorious for Brown Recluses. I trap and kill probably 50 a year (no joke!) Anyway, I noticed my daughter had a small blister on her finger that kept increasing in size. Now, I am not for certain that a brown recluse actually bite her, because she didn't cry when it happened. Anyway, the blister got to the size of a dime and her finger was extreamly red and swollen. I then decided that it was more than likely a recluse bite. So I applied the serum and charcol as the instructions said for the next three day. In just a days time I noticed that the swelling had gone down. In a weeks time my daughter's finger was healing to full recovery. The only signs of a bite area was a patch of smooth pink looking skin. It has been almost a month now, and you can hardly tell she had a bit on her finger. My dad had told me about this BR first aid kit, and I bought one as fast as I could. I can't thank you guys enough." Robby Carr - Dublin, TX

""I am an RN and work in a nursing home. Around 10/2005 I found my right hand with a strange blister on top with bruising around it at work while charting and it did not hurt! I never saw anything like it. I got on the internet and found this site. I then new right away I was bitten by a spider-I suspected brown recluse. I tried everything and it became worse and started turning black (I was so afraid that I might lose my hand!) until your kit arrived. I then applied the treatment for 3 days and it completely healed! I then found a purple welt on my coccyx later and much to my surprise had no discomfort from that either. I applied the treatment and gone again in 3 days. My husband works at a country club and found and odd spider under the toilet lid- 2 chefs identified it as a brown recluse. I then suspected that my husband might have brought them home unknowingly. I will always keep this kit on hand and even had a Dr. request it!" Deborah Waite - Battle Creek, MI

Below is an email we received on 12/27/2004:

"I received your package on Friday evening [12/24/2004] safe and sound. I'm glad I didn't wait for the regular mail because I've been applying the mixture since that night and have seen great improvement! The swelling in my leg (which I hadn't noticed until my mom said something about it) was the first thing to go, then the surrounding redness, all the pain and then the redness in the raised, quarter-size bite area. Now the swelling in that area is going down. There is some itching in the surrounding area (which I think is from healing?) and the spot in the middle of the quarter-sized area is "peeling" a little - not deeply, but it's as if the top layers of dead skin are sloughing away. This area is pink and slightly raw underneath but there is no black area around the edges (there never was) so I think this might be natural to the healing process as well?

I can't imagine what the bite would have progressed to during the last three days if I hadn't paid the extra money for overnight shipping! In any case, I've learned my lesson and will always keep a kit on hand as we have seen many brown recluses in this area. 

I am so impressed with your product. I knew from previous research that there was little the doctors could do to help and felt I was heading into a prolonged nightmare of sorts with new "surprises" daily! I was hesitate to make any sort of plans with my friends because I had no idea what the next day would bring! The systemic symptoms ( headache, tummy ache, fatigue) were interfering with caring for my family and the pain was getting worse and worse as I was beginning to limp and try not to use my leg! Now I am confident I will be healthy for all the activities I can handle for a while!

I have found this mixture to be so helpful I even tried to apply it to a large pimple in my husband's eyebrow. He would have none of that, of course, but I'm keeping my eye on it just the same and if it doesn't heal soon, I'll apply the mixture in his sleep if I have to! LOL! 

Of course I will tell all my friends about your product, but I wish there were some way to spread the news in this area on a wide-spread basis, as these spiders are very prevalent in this area and I have known several people who have been bitten. 

If you could, please write back and tell me if my description of the bite to this point is normal healing, what to expect in the coming days and how long I should apply the mixture. 

Thanks so very much for all your help, and if there's anything I can do to help (if you need a distributor in this area or a referral or anything!) please let me know...I am very grateful to have my leg back!

All the best in the coming year!
Kimberly Austin

(Note: Some itching is normal when a bite wound is drying up and healing)

"My poodle, Tuffy, was bitten on the left inner hind leg. I took him to the emergency vet clinic. They diagnosed a brown recluse bite and told me that at a minimum, he would loose his leg and that he probably would not survive. I ordered the first aid kit and received it in 3 days. By then, Tuffy's underside looked like bloody hamburger meat and he was very sick. I applied the paste to the entire affected area and saw almost instant results. In 2 days, he was almost completely recovered. I took him to the vet, and they could not believe what they were seeing. I highly recommend this product. By the way, my vet bill was $800. The kit cost about $25. Money well spent!!" Ken Korb - College Station, Texas

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