"I had a bite wound about the size of a quarter. It was only about 48 hours since the first application of your product and I could already see a huge difference! The purple ring that surrounded the open wound was completely gone, and the hard spot that was under the open wound was almost gone also. I was so excited I called the local TV stations and two of them did a story on it (KMIR channel 6 and KESQ channel 3). I believe everyone should have this kit on hand. I wish I already had it with me when I got bit. Thank you so much for your help."   Chantelle Johnson Thousand Palm, California.  

KMIR Channel 6

Before applying

10 days after applying


"I don't know where I got bit but I was bit in the lower back on the weekend before fourth of July. It was a small thing but it grew quickly and the pain became unbearable. Nothing would take the pain away; Not Tylenol, not Advil, nothing. I was literally crying from the pain. It got to be about the size of a half dollar. So I went to the doctor and she opened it up with a knife and then she drained it and covered it. She prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection but that did not remove the venom. The next day I saw your product on the computer and had it sent overnight. When I placed your product on my wound I felt an immediate change. I continued using it and the wound started improving each day. I used it for about 2-3 weeks until it was completely dried up. I am so thankful for your product!" Bertha Cavena, Houston, Texas.

Email received from Dr. Kathi Maher on 6/14/05:

Subject: "Great Success with your Brown Recluse First Aid Kit!!!"

"About the middle of April, 2005, I noticed two little "zits" on my chest.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I became certain that I had been bitten by a brown recluse spider.  The tissue began to necrose and by the first of May, I was really concerned since nothing I was doing seemed to be doing much good and in fact the burning and throbbing was beginning to include my right shoulder, neck and down into my abdominal area..  After finding your website, I ordered your First Aid kit by over-nite mail.  As soon as it arrived, I followed the directions.  The next morning when I uncovered the lesions, I WAS AMAZED!!!!  ALL of the redness was concentrated into a small line about an inch and a half long.  I wish I had taken pictures!!  I applied the herbal tincture one more time the next day.  I have done nothing since and at this point I have a small scar, but all is healed and well.  I believe that everyone needs to include this in their home first aid kit!!!"  Dr. Kathi Maher, DC, FIAMA,  Health By Hands Wellness Center - Arlington, Texas

"My 19 Yr. old son was bitten when doing a painting job with his Dad. We took him to the emergency room and they wouldn't even confirm it was a spider bite. They gave him antibiotics and sent him home. The next day it was huge and spreading fast. We then went to our family doctor and she did confirm it was a Brown Recluse bite. She gave him more antibiotics and said it looked so bad that he might have to have skin grafts to repair the damage she thought it would create, the antibiotics didn't really help much either. I was frantic and searched the internet for answers. I ran across the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit and ordered it immediately. We received it the next day and began to use it at once. Within 3 days it was almost gone. The swelling went down and the relief was so quick to him too. He was attending Fire Academy at the time and the paramedics couldn't believe how bad it was and how quickly he was healed. You can hardly tell where he was bitten. This is a miracle application! Thanks a million for your product." Vicki S. Rowlett Texas

"I'm a committee member which operates a health care center. When I got home from vacation in August, the woman who manages the clinic had a Brown Recluse bite and was unable to work. I had a Double Brown Recluse First Aid Kit on hand because it helped heal my sister's 6 month old bite wound. I went to her home and told her about the kit. She had a very swollen foot which turned black and numb almost to her knee. She started to apply it that night. It started drawing right away. She couldn't believe how it was drawing. Within 3 days it was starting to turn pink and she was able to get back to work. Within 4 weeks it was totally healed up to the point of where you couldn't even see it. I also gave this product to 2 others who had come to the health care clinic with Brown Recluse bites and they were also healed. I've never heard of so many spider bites in one year. We are ordering another kit for a young boy who was bitten by the spider and we are ordering 4 more kits to keep on hand. I've also ordered the VIBE through you (which keeps me going all day!) and your service has been fantastic!" DJB - Council, Idaho

"I have a 35 pound Basset Hound who was bitten by a Brown Recluse right over her hindquarter. She is like a family member to me and it devastated me when I thought she was going to die from a Brown Recluse bite. I didn't know what the bite was at first. I took her to the vet and the vet told me it was a Brown Recluse bite but there was nothing that I could do. As I waited the hole started to form and I started panicking. So I took her to a veterinary specialist. They did not know what to do either. There is awareness about Brown Recluses but nobody really knows what to do about it. They held her overnight and gave her antibiotics. I told them about your product and they said they would look at it and let me know. They decided that they wanted to operate and remove that entire portion off and apply heat. I told them "No, I'm sending my husband to go get my dog". I decided to try the product. As soon as we got the kit in the mail, we immediately put it on there. Within the first 24 hours I could see the healing already. Within 2 weeks she was healed. To make a long story short, she doesn't even have a scar! It's amazing because there isn't even an indentation where the bite was. I bought a kit for every relative I have because if someone I know gets bit by it, I want them to be prepared. I really believe that your product saved my dog's life." Karen Browning - Palmetto, Florida

"I am an RN and have treated many brown recluse bites, some for many months. A friend was bitten a few months ago and the doctor told him he couldn't treat him until the skin opened. The day he was bit it was a 3cm blister (on his right arm just above the elbow). The next day it was a hard red hot spot the size of a small orange and very painful. I searched the web for an alternative treatment, I ordered your kit and began treatment the day it arrived, by that time it had started to open at the center. After the bites I had seen in the past I was amazed at the improvement I saw, Due to the size of the area I did use 2 kits but the wound healed without infection and the skin did not "rot" nor did it need debridement as I have seen in the past. That is why I am ordering 3 new kits to keep on hand, one for my friend who was bitten, one for myself and one for my daughter. I saw it with my own eye but it is still hard to believe." Thomy Tillman - Imboden, Arkansas

"Your Brown Recluse First Aid Kit is awesome.  I got bit in the heel and for three weeks it was getting worse and worse.  I’m a pro cyclist, I was training in Moab UT on a training camp. That was when my foot started to kill me. My entire foot got swollen and started to run up my leg. I was really scared and went to the emergency room, they put me on an IV with antibiotics. I had to use crutches and they told me to keep taking antibiotics by pill. I sat around for 5 days taking antibiotics and my foot only got worse. I became more frightened and got on the internet and started looking for natural cures for spider bites. That’s when I found the Brown Recluse first aid kit. I stopped taking the antibiotics completely and put the activated charcoal, and  Brown Recluse solution all over my foot and rapped it up in gauze. In 3 days my foot was almost completely back to normal and I was back on my bike and riding again. If I only knew about the kit sooner I wouldn’t have wasted $1500.00 dollars in ER bills, and antibiotics that were worthless. It took me a month to get fit again after the antibiotics took away all my energy. If  I used only the kit I wouldn’t have lost any fitness. Thanks for a great product." Mitch Moreman - Duroango, CO

"My husband showed me a spot on his side where he had just been bitten by "something", at first I thought it was a mosquito bite. 5 minutes later, he showed me again, this time the spot was raised and swelled to the size of a quarter, with a definite "target" area in the center. I circled the area with a black marker, a few minutes later, it doubled in size. I decided then to use my brown recluse first aid kit. I mixed up the contents and put it on him, wrapping it with plastic wrap and an ace bandage. Followed the directions and re-applied the mixture an hour later. Within two hours the wound was gone. No sign of the bite. Although he didn't see the spider that bit him, we have struggled with brown recluse infestations since we moved into this house three years ago. We aren't willing to take any chances. The Brown Recluse First Aid Kit saved my husband many hours/days/months of pain and recovery time. THANKS!" Melinda B. - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma