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"Be prepared for the unexpected. You now have a line of defense."

How did the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit come into existence?

In 1999, a woman was bitten on the arm by a Brown Recluse spider and made a remarkable discovery.

She and her husband tried various suggested remedies to help heal her horrible bite wound but nothing seemed to work. Rather, it was getting worse. They knew from other people's experiences that doctors were only going to prescribe antibiotics and that wasn't going to heal the wound.

Finally, after much prayer they discovered a combination of ingredients which they applied topically to the bite wound. 

Activated Carbon

After applying, the wound quickly reversed course and healed up completely! 

They later learned that the Activated Carbon they applied to the wound is already given internally at hospitals to treat poison victims because Activated Carbon quickly adsorbs poisons.

Using the same substance to adsorb Brown Recluse venom externally on a Brown Recluse bite wound, along with some important herbs to support healing of the wound only made sense.

So in 2003, they decided to partner up with others and begin developing a product that could be kept on hand in case someone is bitten and ALSO be used on older Brown Recluse spider bite wounds like hers.

The result?

Finally, a Very Effective, All Natural, Drug-Free 
Product For Brown Recluse Spider Bites. 

Why does the product work so well? The ingredients in this kit get to the root cause of the symptoms rather than treating symptoms

The root cause of the symptoms in a spider bite wound is the venom. It is the poisonous spider venom that kills the cells and causes such gruesome and painful sores. 

Drawing out the venom is the most important factor for starting the healing process and this is exactly what the Brown Recluse First Aid kit was created to do.

Advanced Adsorb Powder

The active ingredient in the Advanced Adsorb Powder is activated carbon

Made from bituminous coal, an advanced and patented steam activation process creates an extremely fine powder with numerous crevices, pits, grooves, and holes which, when opened out, make quite a large surface area. 

In fact, this process results in nearly 7 acres of surface area in a single ounce of powder! 

Using this high surface area, the powder itself has a capillary or electromagnetic attraction to the molecules of most substances, one of which being the venom that causes Brown Recluse bite wounds.

The Brown Recluse Solution

The Advanced Adsorb Powder will not be effective unless it  is mixed with some kind of liquid. Our Brown Recluse Solution consists of a proprietary blend of three herbs: Comfrey, Echinacea, Lobelia and Plantain. The healing properties of these herbs have been known for centuries. Here are the properties of these three herbs:


  • Echinacea
    • Powerful infection fighter and natural antibiotic. 
    • Effective blood purifier 
    • Supports the body against blood poisoning. 

  • Lobelia

  • Lobelia
    • Encourages the flow of oxygenated blood. 
    • Long history of effective use on insect bites.
    • Also used in food poisoning cases.




  • Plantain 
    • Powerful astringent which helps to contract the skin tissue. 
    • Healing, antibiotic, and styptic effect on sores and wounds. 
    • Some have reported good results on Brown Recluse bites using this herb alone.

These three herbs are preserved in pure grain alcohol, in a dark glass bottle, with a medicine dropper for your convenience. 

When combined...

When combining the Brown Recluse Solution with the Advanced Adsorb Powder, the result is an effective, safe and all natural product that many bite victims have marveled at. 

But don't wait until after you have been bit to order a kit. Tissue damage starts to occur within hours of the initial bite, and most victims don't know they have been bit until after the very painful necrosis (death of cells) has already begun. Take our customers' advice and have a kit readily available to apply immediately

  • Excellent for immediate use when bitten by the spider.
  • Excellent for existing bite wounds, no matter the age
  • Works just as well on pets

Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee

BBB Accredited Members

Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau for over 7 years

We are very confident in the effectiveness of the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit. We are so confident that we are offering an unheard of lifetime 100% money back guarantee. If you ever experience a Brown Recluse Spider Bite and found this product to be ineffective, we will refund your money... including shipping costs both ways. 

This guarantee also applies to new or existing spider bite wounds, regardless of how long you have had it. Additionally, we will honor this guarantee if you were bitten by the Hobo Spider, Yellow Sac Spider or any Recluse species of spiders (e.g. Desert Recluse, Mediterranean Recluse, etc) which also produce necrotic wounds. 


FACT: "Since 2004, over 40,000 kits have been sold with
a .001 return rate for ineffectiveness.

Accredited Members of the 
Better Business Bureau for over 7 years

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(Only $29.95, Money back guarantee)

First Aid Kit



"You have a great product! I was bit 4 months ago. The bite wound was about an inch and a quarter across. We were trying to treat it by cutting the worst part of it out. The Doctor put me on an antibiotic which helped with the infection.. but then the bite wound came back with a vengeance and even in another place I hadn't been bitten. That's when I really started to get nervous. I went back on the medication and it went 10 days without even helping the infection. The infection eventually cleared up but the wound with the venom in it was still there. So I finally got on the computer and purchased your product. I put your paste on at night and the next morning it was only half as big. I applied it once again and now it is practically gone! You have a wonderful product, you really do." Cliff Newell, Lake Worth, FL

"I was bitten by a Brown Recluse or some other poisonous spider in my sleep near my ankle. There was a hole in my leg over the size of a quarter and there wasn't any skin left. I went to the doctor and we tried several things. We tested it for a Staph infection and various other infections. I tried antibiotics, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and various other remedies. Nothing seemed to be working. Two weeks went by and my mother ordered your product for me and had it sent overnight. I used it for two days and my wound immediately started healing until it was dried out and cleared up." Shawn Lake - Kauai, HI

Below is an email we received on 12/27/2004:

"I received your package on Friday evening [12/24/2004] safe and sound. I'm glad I didn't wait for the regular mail because I've been applying the mixture since that night and have seen great improvement! The swelling in my leg (which I hadn't noticed until my mom said something about it) was the first thing to go, then the surrounding redness, all the pain and then the redness in the raised, quarter-size bite area. Now the swelling in that area is going down. There is some itching in the surrounding area (which I think is from healing?) and the spot in the middle of the quarter-sized area is "peeling" a little - not deeply, but it's as if the top layers of dead skin are sloughing away. This area is pink and slightly raw underneath but there is no black area around the edges (there never was) so I think this might be natural to the healing process as well?

I can't imagine what the bite would have progressed to during the last three days if I hadn't paid the extra money for overnight shipping! In any case, I've learned my lesson and will always keep a kit on hand as we have seen many brown relcuses in this area. 

I am so impressed with your product. I knew from previous research that there was little the doctors could do to help and felt I was heading into a prolonged nightmare of sorts with new "surprises" daily! I was hesitate to make any sort of plans with my friends because I had no idea what the next day would bring! The systemic symptoms ( headache, tummy ache, fatigue) were interfering with caring for my family and the pain was getting worse and worse as I was beginning to limp and try not to use my leg! Now I am confident I will be healthy for all the activities I can handle for a while!

I have found this mixture to be so helpful I even tried to apply it to a large pimple in my husband's eyebrow. He would have none of that, of course, but I'm keeping my eye on it just the same and if it doesn't heal soon, I'll apply the mixture in his sleep if I have to! LOL! 

Of course I will tell all my friends about your product, but I wish there were some way to spread the news in this area on a wide-spread basis, as these spiders are very prevalent in this area and I have known several people who have been bitten. 

If you could, please write back and tell me if my description of the bite to this point is normal healing, what to expect in the coming days and how long I should apply the mixture. 

Thanks so very much for all your help, and if there's anything I can do to help (if you need a distributor in this area or a referral or anything!) please let me know...I am very grateful to have my leg back!

All the best in the coming year!
Kimberly Austin

(Note: Some itching is normal when a bite wound is drying up and healing)

"I am so glad that I ordered your kit for the treatment of the bites. My grand daughter's first bite was sooo bad and the treatment worked quickly for her . But the second and third bites were well in no time. My daughter said it was a miracle." Pat Johnson - Evansville, Indiana

"I was bitten on New Year's day (1/1/05) - don't know when/where that occurred exactly but, the bite site was the first joint from the end of the ring finger of my left hand. Within hours the "bull's eye" look had developed and the pain was increasing geometrically. I recognized the wound as some sort of a bite/sting but, didn't know from what at the time. I pricked the site with a pin after a few hours and let it drain into hydrogen peroxide followed by distilled water while watching TV that night (figure the bite was around noon that day). By morning, a really red, swollen area had formed around the tip of the finger. The next day or two went by and it appeared the redness would leave one area and then move on to another always closer to the hand, leaving the previous area feeling numb and leathery and  wherever the red area was as it traveled got really tender to any touch or temp changes.

When it got past the second joint from the end of the finger (about four days later) , I got worried enough to do some web searching and decided it was a brown recluse bite and decided to try your product as the info seemed to confirm my thoughts that "modern"/Western medicine was pretty useless (pretty much what I had already done trying to drain the venom out and prevent infection). I think my draining of the bite the first day may have saved me from the necrosis but, not all venom was out as the finger was appearing to "die" anyway and that feeling was getting ever closer to the hand. Anyway, as some had stated on your site, the pain very nearly immediately went away upon applying your product. I was really worried the first few dressing changes as I was losing much skin in the "dead" areas of the finger (I would clean with a toothbrush, soap and warm water when changing dressings) and since the powder part of your product just looks like printer cartridge toner powder, I wondered if I had made things worse at first but, it did appear that new skin was underneath and the dressing did relieve the pain so, I kept up the routine and within a week, I had much movement back and a nearly new finger!

I still have some stiffness at the joint where bitten and it gets cold at the end much more easier than the other fingers now so, I've likely lost some circulation there BUT, I am so pleased as I was wondering if I would have to have the finger removed to save my hand before I tried your product. Needless to say, I have "spread the word" and now am keeping some of this product on hand at home from now on! May God pour out his blessings on you and your company!" Rick Louiselle - Riverside, MO

More testimonials

What exactly is in the kit?

Brown Recluse First Aid Kit - $29.95

The Brown Recluse First Aid Kit comes with powder (Advanced Adsorb Powder) and a liquid herbal solution (The Brown Recluse Solution) that is combined to form a poultice. 

The kit comes with easy instructions on how to combine the two elements and suggested recommendations based on our customer's experiences for how, when and where to apply the poultice.

The Advanced Adsorb Powder and Brown Recluse Solution are packaged together in soft foam, along with detailed instructions for using the kit. 

The kit itself is made of recyclable polypropylene plastic and has an enlarged photo of the Brown Recluse spider on the label to assist you in identifying any Brown Recluse spiders in your home or yard.

Pricing and Quality

We use only high quality and time-tested ingredients. The Brown Recluse First Aid Kit has a shelf life of 5 years and is only $29.95 plus $5 shipping & handling. 

FOR A LIMITED TIME, 2 kits are $24.95 each. 3 or more kits are only $19.95 each.

Click the secure order link below to join the tens of thousands who have taken steps to protect themselves and their families from these very dangerous spiders.


35,000+ Kits Sold. BBB Member.
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For New or Existing Bite Wounds.
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