Brown Recluse Spider Trap in Action

We recently added a video to this web site showing the incredible effectiveness of our Catchmaster Glue traps.

At a residence we placed a Brown Recluse Spider in front of one of our traps for the purposes of proving how effective these traps are at catching Brown Recluses.

We couldn't have asked for a better example.

The Brown Recluse Spider took off running and inadvertantly allowed one of his legs to enter the trap. Running at nearly full speed, the Brown Recluse Spider was literally stopped in his tracks.

We then picked up the trap slowly and allowed the spider to try and pull his leg away. He could not.

We allowed him to dangle there for a little while and even shook the trap back and forth as he was dangling there from one leg, but the powerful glue in our traps held onto his leg and would not let go.

We now have bondafide proof of what our customers have been saying for over 4 years now--these traps catch Brown Recluses and do not let go!

A customer in St. Louis, Missouri recently re-ordered 36 of our traps after having caught 60 Brown Recluse Spiders in his home. Catches of 60-100 Brown Recluse Spiders are not that uncommon. If you have one, it is almost a guarantee that there are a whole lot more due to the spider's aggressive breeding. 

To see the video, visit the traps information page at:

Thomas J. Martincic
Brown Recluse Response Team