Drought causing higher Brown Recluse Infestations

The drought that our nation is suffering this summer is causing higher than normal Brown Recluse infestations in homes. Due to the lack of rain, Brown Recluse spiders are finding sources of water inside homes, such as around a condensating toilet or around the A/C & Hot Water heater.

The video can be watched here.

You'll notice in the video the high number of spiders that were caught by spider traps. The furnace and hot water heater are popular areas for Brown Recluses to visit because not only do Brown Recluses get a drink of water from condensation, but so do household insects.

As was mentioned by the doctor in the video, Brown Recluse bites are most dangerous to those with compromised immune systems. The elderly and children 7 and under are also at highest risk. Young children are at higher risk due to their lower body weight. This results in a higher percentage of venom being injected in the body.  

Pesticides are often ineffective with Brown Recluse spiders, and for this reason reputable pest control companies do not guarantee eradication of the spiders. Kansas University researchers state that spider traps, if used correctly, are effective for controlling Brown Recluse populations. We offer the brand used and recommended by them. See http://www.brown-recluse.com/spidertraps.html for more details.

Thomas J. Martincic
Brown Recluse Response Team