Brown Recluse First Aid Kit in the News

Channel 5 out of Memphis, Tennessee (WMCTV) recently did an investigative report on the Brown Recluse spider and included some of the video found on this website.

During the last segment of their investigation, they interviewed a fireman who was bitten by the Brown Recluse Spider and suffered a severe reaction. The fireman now keeps a Brown Recluse First Aid Kit on hand as a precaution in case he is bitten again. 

Because of the name "Brown Recluse First Aid Kit," some who come to our web site might be under the impression that our kit is only going to be effective when immediately applying to a bite wound.

But as our customer testimonials continually demonstrate, the Brown Recluse First Aid Kit is very effective on old bite wounds as well. Our customers have even reported success on festering bite wounds that are months old.

Remarkably, bite wounds can recur on a yearly basis or irregularly reappear even after they appear to be fully healed. It is believed that this is due to the venom still being trapped inside the skin. Our kit has been used on these kinds of flare-ups and is reported to work very well.

Since the First Aid Kit does a great job of adsorbing the venom, the math is simple: No venom = no continuing tissue damage. Without the presence of venom, the body simply heals itself.

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Thomas J. Martincic
Brown Recluse Response Team