Preventing Brown Recluse bites during the day
Brown Recluses are non-aggressive spiders that typically hide out during the day. Since nearly most all bites occur through accidental contact, where they choose to hide out can affect whether or not you are bitten by the spider.

A good way to avoid being bitten is to "think like the spider". Ask yourself, "Am I putting my hands in an area where a Brown Recluse spider might like to hide out during the day?" If it's an normally undisturbed area such as a box, a closet, a storage area, inside rarely used shoes, in a garage/barn/shed or in a woodpile the answer is probably yes. Wear gloves and long sleeved shirts if you are going to be working in one of these areas.

Many bites occur when putting on clothing that was either on the floor or inside a dresser drawer. If you live in a home that has a population of Brown Recluse spiders, always thoroughly shake out and inspect your clothes before putting them on.

They will bite because of the pressure exerted between the clothing and the skin. If you feel a spider inside your clothes, do not panic. Just carefully remove the clothing and be sure not to put any 'pinch pressure' on the spider. Also shake our your shoes before putting them on to avoid getting bit on your feet.

Also be sure to check your bed before getting into it, especially if it has been unused for a long time. Of course, the best way to avoid Brown Recluse bites is to eliminate the spider from your home. See for more information.

Thomas J. Martincic
Brown Recluse Response Team